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AI programming techniques

QUESTION:  Martin – I have followed your work since I was in college (circa 2008) and am quite interested in the accuracy of your predictions. As a computer science enthusiast, currently working in the development field, I am most interested in your AI computer model of the economy. Could you elaborate on some of the […] read more

Ontario – Hiking Taxes on the Rich who are now C$150,000

We are in a global bull market for tax increases and this will help tremendously create the next severe economic contraction. Politicians around the world only see raising taxes to hold power. NOBODY will even consider adopting reform. This is all about government, without any vision whatsoever beyond the current fiscal term just trying to […] read more

Gold & Reality Going Forward

COMMENT: Martin, It has been a long time since ….. has sent out a blog post, but I got one today. When Mr. …. probably first started slamming you for calling the 2011 gold top, his …. was 7.82.  It is now 28 cents, and he is still touting gold as the only real asset and debt as […] read more

NSA Has Undermined the World Economy

Snowden deserves the Medal of Honor because the NSA in their greed to be able to hack everyone, has undermined the entire economy globally. They created intentional weak links in security software that they could break and placed at risk the entire world economy because they were too stupid to realize that leaving back-doors open […] read more

The Dow & the Future

Yes, there were ONLY two possible patterns (instead of countless): (1) the slingshot where you penetrate the previous year’s low and then blast to new highs, or (2) you base until the Gold Benchmarks and then enter the Phase Transition. Either way, new highs were ahead. There was no indication of a crash to some 50% to 90% […] read more

Understanding Arrays & Time

One confusing aspect that people encounter is when a Time Straddle takes place on the Arrays. A Time Straddle occurs when the target in time straddles two weeks, months, quarters, or years. Sometimes it is simply a split, as in gold for 2011/2012, where we achieved the intraday high in 2011 and the highest annual closing in 2012. A Time […] read more

The Dow High Nobody Believes

The Dow Jones Industrials has rallied in the face of incredible skepticism with a litany of reasons why it shouldn’t be happening, that are of course all domestic oriented. This is fantastic for it shows the market is NOT historically at a high. Bubbles come when the vast majority claim the rally will never end. What is […] read more

Obama’s Slick Lie to Raise Taxes on Middle Class

  What everyone heard at Obama’s State of the Union was how he wanted to tax the rich and prevent them from leaving their children the spoils of their life. They also were duped into believing that he wants to help the Middle Class and make college FREE. What they did not hear is his […] read more

China Shuts Down FOREX at Foreign Banks to Try to Stop Dollar Rise

China has suspended FOREX business at three main foreign banks for the first quarter of 2016 in an effort to curb the outflow of capital into the rising dollar. This is an interesting attempt to curb the rise in the dollar and it is clearly showing the overall trend in motion. It is interesting that China […] read more

The 2014 Conferences

Registration – [email protected] read more