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Obamacare Deliberately Written with 33,000 Pages of Regulations To Hide the Truth

Everyone is shocked that the Key Obamacare Architect, Jonathan Gruber, has come out and admitted that the Obamacare legislation was drafted to intentionally be so confusing that the average American public would never know that their healthcare would rise in price and decline in service. Here is the full transcript and a link to the video: “You […] read more

The Tax Hunt is for Anyone – not just the Rich!

  The hunt for money as government get desperate is destroying the world economy but also the lives of so many people. I have reported previously how a 14-year-old cannot open an account in Switzerland because his mother is American, his father is Swiss, and he was born in Switzerland never traveling to the USA. […] read more

Gold & Perpetual Propaganda

QUESTION: Martin, why do you often talk out of both sides of your mouth about Gold?  You might say Gold can go to $12,000 per ounce, but it is headed to $600 first. Isn’t gold in permanent backwardation?  I believe the previous record for Gold backwardation was 3 days near major lows, but aren’t we […] read more

Gold – Reality Check

The chaos in gold is typical. Already, the hate mail has begun. “Stop the Bullshit” one said because demand in Shanghai is at record highs.It takes far more than one country to make a bull market. Others just blame me for the decline because they just listen to those who always say buy. The New […] read more

German Municipals In Trouble

Part of our job is monitoring everything everywhere. We are gathering data om whatever moves on a global basis. I have stated numerous times, it is IMPOSSIBLE to forecast a single market in isolation because the wildcard comes from contagions set in motion elsewhere. It is like sunning on the beach and there is a […] read more

Beware the Turning Point for Bonds – 2015.75

QUESTION: Marty Hi I attended your conference in Berlin which was a great insight into your works. However it still took me time to really understand what you have been writing as you foretold of what will happen with Gold. Whilst I took note I did not act and have had the best learning experience there […] read more

Spanish Elections – December 20

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, a member of the Popular Party (PP), announced shortly before the general election (expected to be on December 20) that a record fall in unemployment took place. Looking closely at the statistics reveals that the missing unemployed have emigrated someplace else. Clearly, there are fewer Spaniards contributing to social insurance than before. Only the number of seasonal […] read more

Real Estate & Earthquakes

QUESTION: You wrote that real estate would rally into 2015.75. You also said that real estate is highly regional. So far here in Vegas, property is up about 25% since you wrote that. You are really amazing in your analytical skills. I understand why they came after you thinking that it was merely what you said […] read more

World Economic Conference XXV Starts Tomorrow

The seating for 300 at the Cycles of War Conference sold out and additional hundreds viewed it around the world live. The video streaming appears to work well – it was our first attempt at a worldwide broadcast. The feed seems to work for people in China, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, India, and the Middle […] read more

Spies Play the Same Game as Int’l Bankers

British intelligence service has finally admitted that is seizing the information on people without any legal warrant or supervision. They are accessing raw material collected in bulk by the NSA in the USA and other foreign spy agencies without a warrant (reported the Guardian). What is really taking place is secret deals. It is illegal […] read more