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Qatar & the Rising Tensions in the Middle East – On Schedule

  Qatar is known for its ultra-modern architecture. In this respect, Doha is something to be viewed at least once in life. However, Qatar is a strict religious country that follows sharia law, in which homosexuals and adulterers face a possible death penalty, life imprisonment, or flogging. Qatar is a Salafi version of Sunni Islam, which […] read more

Lies – Lies – & More Lies – Why We Are Screwed!

The Obama Budget is no more honest than Madoff’s track record. If Madoff deserved jail for life – what do our politicians deserve? Here is Obama’s budget. He wants to destroy the economy raising taxes on everything and bring down the iron curtain so not one penny can leave. He wants it all like Maximinus […] read more

Gold – It is not finished until the fat-lady sings

QUESTION:   Hi Martin All the goldbugs are out screaming the low is in ad gold is rising. Why is it rising with all the deflation? Should we be double checking something here? thanks M ANSWER: When they scream and there remains dead-silence, it is not finished until the fat-lady sings, as they say about operas. […] read more

Crude Oil – Gasoline falls BELOW $3

  Crude oil has fallen to the $80 area and a monthly closing below $78 will signal a sharp drop into the $60 zone is likely. The long-term support actually begins at $57 and the major support which held previously is still there at the $32-31 zone. While we have the intraday high in 2008, […] read more

Negative Interest Rates Destroying the World Economy

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I think I am starting to see the light you have been shining. Negative interest rates really are “completely insane”. I also now see that months after you wrote about central banks were trapped, others are now just starting to entertain the idea. Is this distinct difference in your views that eventually […] read more

Gold – China – Here We Go Again

QUESTION:    Hi Martin, I was “of one mind” when it came to gold and silver and the shisters that clam “manipulation to the downside,” “gold is going to 5K,” and “gold has bottomed” and on an on. Your site is the only source of information that I trust anymore and thanks to you I […] read more

ECB & Negative Interest Rates

The European Central Bank is so out of touch with the economy it is frieghtening. They see that they have a range of options to consider including negative interest rates. What they do not grasp is that people will not invest and start businesses simply because interest rates are too high. The people must see […] read more

The Beginning of The Rise in Interest Rates is Here

The one thing to emerge from the debt ceiling crisis has been to highlight the short-term debt focus. Every Thursday the US government has had to sell $100 billion of new debt rolling over short-term with 3 month bills. This may have helped to bring down long-term rates and it reduced the interest expenditures, but […] read more

Ukraine – Crimea Occuppied – Yanukovych Still Mentally in his Disneyland

Crimea has been severed and all roads into the region are now blocked. Pro-Russians seized the government and troops are pretending to be Ukrainian. Yanukovych made a press conference thanking Russia for his protection claiming he is still the President and any laws passed by the Ukrainian Parliament are not valid because he did not […] read more

Reality Check

Those who think Government does not control the press, read this one. They want all money to be electronic to collect taxes. They want the kill switch on the internet to shut down the only Free Press that remains. Britain is tearing apart Murdock because they have not been able to control the press as […] read more