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VIX & Volatility Ahead

QUESTION: Do you run your model on the VIX and can you run your volatility you illustrated at the Princeton Seminar on volatility? ANSWER: Yes. It does not matter. Strangely enough if you create a index of stocks that only closed higher on Tuesday, it amazingly conforms to the 8.6 cycle, technical analysis, and volatility […] read more

Gold Rise in Coin Demand – Crisis Still in Trading

The rise in gold coin demand at the Australian Perth Mint and the US Mint as well as in Canada demonstrates the underlying long-term bull market should remain intact. It is coin rather than bullion you should stick to when you are talking about physical purchases. Nevertheless, from a market perspective, the gold bounce is […] read more

Farage on Europe at the Heritage Foundation

Nigel Farage may be the only practical politician these days because he came from the trading sector. He explains the Euro-Project and its failures. He makes it clear that the Greek people never voted to enter the euro, and explains that it was forced upon them by Goldman Sachs and their politicians. Nigel also explains […] read more

Ontario – Hiking Taxes on the Rich who are now C$150,000

We are in a global bull market for tax increases and this will help tremendously create the next severe economic contraction. Politicians around the world only see raising taxes to hold power. NOBODY will even consider adopting reform. This is all about government, without any vision whatsoever beyond the current fiscal term just trying to […] read more

Gold Sales 10 Tons per Day

The hate mail from die-hard Goldbugs is just endless. People seem compelled to always blame someone else for their own misguided ideas. I have said it plenty of times, between 1970 and 1974 gold rallied from $34 to about $200 on the whole theory of inflation, fiat money, we just abandoned the gold standard in […] read more

Gold & Perpetual Propaganda

QUESTION: Martin, why do you often talk out of both sides of your mouth about Gold?  You might say Gold can go to $12,000 per ounce, but it is headed to $600 first. Isn’t gold in permanent backwardation?  I believe the previous record for Gold backwardation was 3 days near major lows, but aren’t we […] read more

The Tax Hunt is for Anyone – not just the Rich!

  The hunt for money as government get desperate is destroying the world economy but also the lives of so many people. I have reported previously how a 14-year-old cannot open an account in Switzerland because his mother is American, his father is Swiss, and he was born in Switzerland never traveling to the USA. […] read more

Do Political Systems Ever Work?

QUESTION: HI! I’ve Just recently become aware of your existence. Subsequently my knowledge beyond your blog and “the forecaster” is limited. Someone one said “democracy is the worst system imaginable – except from All the others” My question to you : have we ever in this world,  really had any of the known political systems, […] read more

A Reason to be Optimistic

 While confronting the fact that we are in a terrible downward spiral with a major Sovereign Debt Crisis which cannot be prevented because we are plagued by total corruption in government,  the ray of hope comes from these profound events I call a Crash & Burn. They are as Schumpeter described, waves of Creative Destruction. […] read more

Obama Cancels Meeting With Putin Over Snowden – Just Brain-Dead

If you talk about being brain-dead, President Barack Obama’s cancellation of a planned meeting in Moscow with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is rekindling the cold war with a diplomatic snub that follows tensions over NSA leaker Edward Snowden. This absolutely stupid guarantees that Snowden will remain in Russia. Why? Because Putin can not now be seen […] read more