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Conspiracy Theories = Communism

Constantly people insist there has to be these “rich” trillionaires who are out to enslave all people and create some one-world government. It is power they want not money? Those in the private sector are only concerned about money. Goldman Sachs, I believe,  filled government spots to eliminate the power to prosecute them so they […] read more

French Raiding Internet Companies in Search oF Accounts & Money

The French tax Gestapo has raided the french subsidiaries of eBay, Paypal, Google, Amazon, and even LinkedIn (LinkedIn France SAS) in Paris. The French tax Gestapo over the last couple of months have raided many large US multinationals looking for money and French using their systems and emails, They fail to undetrstand all they are doing is now chasing […] read more

Constantia – Wife

Constantia Wife of Licinius I Daughter of Constantius I & Theodora Half-sister of Constantine the Great Constantia was the daughter of Constantius I Chlorus and his second wife, Theodora. She was one of six children born by Theodora which made her the half-sister of Constantine I the Great who had been born of Helena, his father’s first wife. Constantia was married […] read more

The Next French Revolution

Politics in France are changing and the shift underway is ahead of the 2017 presidential elections. Today, France’s far-right National Front won almost 30% of the vote. Between the high taxes, abuse of socialists who have driven the economy into the ground (as evident by the share market decline when everyone else had been making […] read more

Obamacare May Seriously Impact 2016

The real stupidity about the Democrats is their ignorance of just how screwed up Obamacare really is. Next year, the real cost impact will start to exploded and the issue is not how many people they get to sign up, but how much the cost is rising for everyone else. Even in unions we are […] read more

The Dow Outlook

  The Dow made a new high today above last week. It is still in the sideways mode with the key resistance in the 18500-18600 level. Energy models are not at the highs so we are not in a major topping pattern. The Dow has been contained nicely by the Breakout Channel constructed from the […] read more

Russia has Invaded the East – Donetsk Pro-Ukrainian March will be in few Hours

  Separatists are old ladies with flags – troops are dressed in military gear regardless if you take the identification off. The West has abandoned Ukraine demonstrating that when it really is about protecting people, they back-down. When it is about the oppression of a government like Iraq and Syria, they US is ready to […] read more

Equity Dividend Yield > 10 Year Treasury

The underlying support for the US share market is starting to unfold for the long-term (not short-Term trading). The yield on the S&P 500 has exceeded the 10-year Treasury warning that we are indeed entering the Bond Bubble. The peak in this relationship was 1931 when dividend yield reached about 9.5% after bottoming in 1929 […] read more

Our Greek Tragedy – Endless Repetition

QUESTION: I have followed you for decades and use adaptions of your theories in my trading. However there seems to be some contradictions in the way you analyse the world. Like me, you see developments as cyclical. Yet, and this what I find strange, you criticise players for what is happening, when they are just pawns to the cycles. […] read more

Nature of

The Nature of Timing Models The nature of time has always been a puzzling and intriguing subject. Jules Verne gave us bold glimpses of time portrayed as another dimension through which man may one day travel back and forth. Einstein explored the question of time in his Theory of Relativity. Time to the investor is […] read more