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Prostitute Tokens of Rome

Prostitute Tokens of Rome From the time of Tiberius 14 AD-37AD The Monetary History of the World © Martin A. Armstrong read more

Dow Jones Closed at 14810.31 – Beware The First Weeks of Sept, Oct & Nov

We elected the first Minor Weekly Bearish Reversal at 14825 but not the second at 14805. This warns that we still should press lower perhaps into next week. However, it does not signal a complete breakdown. The bottom of the Uptrend Channel lies at 14233 for next week. The Weekly Bearish Reversals are 14805, 14450, […] read more

The Accomplishment of AI – Not Market Manipulation

COMMENT: The turn on the Euro was spot on.   Advice on the Yen/ Dollar   was also spot on.   Please give us some updates on the DOW though The best to you and your staff for all your hard work ANSWER: No body on a personal level can possibly pick so many turning […] read more

Carausius – 287-293 AD

Carausius Usurper of Britain 287 – 293 AD Marcus Aurelius Mausaeus Carausius was a man of humble origin who came from Menapia, an area in Belgium. Nevertheless, he rose through the ranks due to a distinguished career. Carausius gained much fame for his military skills during in the campaigns under Emperor Maximianus (286-305AD) against the Franks and the […] read more

Warren, George

George Warren (1874-1938) In 1932, George Warren had written, Wholesale Prices for 213 Years; 1720-1932. Effectively, this work was a forerunner to Monetary Theory by making observations that prices rose with the gold discoveries and declined when supplies of gold declined. This work was a simplistic monetary view of the world that Franklin Roosevelt could […] read more

Google AI Computer Wins 5-0

Google’s artificial intelligence computer has beaten the European champion of the board game Go. Not just once, but 5 to 0. This game is far more difficult than Chess as it requires more than merely creating lists of patterns to beat. It requires strategy. Our computer has accomplished the same but in forecasting. Our list of […] read more

Even Flowers Know When to Follow the Sun

  The reason for Optimism is knowing that something exists and that empowers us with the ability to change. We can learn from nature if we look at the divine structure of how things really work just for once. Some garden flowers follow the sun as it travels across the summer sky. Flowers that track […] read more

Krugman Says We Are In A Depression & More Gov’t Spending Is Necessary

Fischer Black and Myron Scholes won the Nobel Prize for Economics. Scholes was  involved with Long-Term Capital Management that blew up on that formula. The fund, which started operations with $1 billion of investor capital, was extremely successful in the first years, with annualized returns of over 40%. However, following the 1997 East Asian financial […] read more

Gold – The So Called Analysts Who Only Say BUY!

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, More and More so called “gold analysts” are getting bearish on the metals,Kitco is invaded with bear forecasts. If you would invest a few money,would you suggest to start accumulate some gold/silver stocks/etf  or would you rather still invest into the stock market? I’m trapped into gold/silver stocks and my losses […] read more

Ptolemy II- 285-246 BC

Monetary History of Egypt Ptolemaic Dynasty Ptolemy II Philadelphus 316 – 271 B.C. Ptolemy II Philadelphus (“brotherly” or “Brother/Sister-loving”), was the second ruler of the Ptolemaic Dynasty and the son of Ptolemy I and Berenice I who died before 283 BC. He became joint ruler with his father two years before his death in 283 BC. Ptolemy […] read more