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QUESTION: Dear Mr.Armstrong, Long time reader here, have read all of your materials since posted online and continuing on to your blog now. I have also been to your conference held in Bangkok 2 years ago, and I remember I wondered if it was a suitable location given its constant political upheavals, it’s a shame […] read more

Prostitute Tokens of Rome

Prostitute Tokens of Rome From the time of Tiberius 14 AD-37AD The Monetary History of the World © Martin A. Armstrong read more

Power is Power

Thomas Hobbes wrote in his seminar work the Leviathan: “Reputation of power is power, because it draweth with it the adherence of those that need protection.”  Indeed, those who have observed politics and government have seen that without a doubt power draws to itself more power. This is true on an individual level as people want […] read more

American Oligarchy – Harry Reid’s Doing

The US has been hunting down American citizens on a worldwide basis. Individuals can not expand their business overseas and Congress has destroyed American entrepreneurship on a grand scale. The ONLY Americans who operate overseas are now the MAJOR public corporations since there is a presumption that they are not hiding money – only individuals […] read more

Carausius – 287-293 AD

Carausius Usurper of Britain 287 – 293 AD Marcus Aurelius Mausaeus Carausius was a man of humble origin who came from Menapia, an area in Belgium. Nevertheless, he rose through the ranks due to a distinguished career. Carausius gained much fame for his military skills during in the campaigns under Emperor Maximianus (286-305AD) against the Franks and the […] read more

US Share Market & Corporate Buybacks

QUESTION:  You have taught us to pay attention to global capital flows to help us assess market directions and movements… Does it matter from where the capital is flowing? I refer to this short article on US companies and stock buy-backs which seem to be contributing to the upward trend in US equities: Thanks! Yours […] read more

Pompey The Great- 48 BC

Dictator, 53 – 48 BC Born 106 – died 48 BC, age 58 GNAEUS POMPEIUS MAGNUS (Pompey the Great) was Rome’s most famous general during the later period of the Republic. He was the son of Pompeius Strabo who was born in 106 BC. Pompey was married several times. Finally, during his third marriage to […] read more

The Sixth Wave

Yes, we will be addressing the seriousness of the culmination of the last three waves. 2015.75 was the start of the Big Bang — the midpoint in this immediate 51.6 year wave. This sequence of the 309.6 year wave began with the revolution against the monarchy; what comes this time is either real Democracy or […] read more

ISIS Demands Money for Hostages

  ISIS now demand $200 million in ransom or they will behead two Japanese hostages. This seems to be retaliation for last week, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged $200 million in non-military assistance to support countries affected by the campaign against ISIS during his six-day Middle East tour. This Islamic State has now released a video […] read more

French Raiding Internet Companies in Search oF Accounts & Money

The French tax Gestapo has raided the french subsidiaries of eBay, Paypal, Google, Amazon, and even LinkedIn (LinkedIn France SAS) in Paris. The French tax Gestapo over the last couple of months have raided many large US multinationals looking for money and French using their systems and emails, They fail to undetrstand all they are doing is now chasing […] read more