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Hyperinflation Question

QUESTION: First, thank you for your insights on the economy and investing.  Your track record is amazing and I’ve come to rely on your views as an accurate lens of perspective towards our current and upcoming troubles. I have a basic question about the upcoming hyperinflation… If we experience a bout of hyperinflation similar to […] read more

The Coming French Revolution?

They do not intentionally need to destroy the economy, they are doing a great job on their own without even trying. The French Constitutional Court has approved Hollande’s 75% tax on all people earning more than 1 million euros. They just do not understand the economy and never will. Those who are so desperate to […] read more

Brain Chip Implants

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) are developing computer chips to implant in the human brain for the purpose of data collection. President Obama began the BRAIN Initiative (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) in 2013 to begin developing these intrusive devices. They claim the chip will be so small that people will not even notice it. Well, […] read more

Portugal Refuses to Allow Elected Politicians to Take Office

COMMENT: Hi Marty, I’m another Englishman who is an avid reader of your blog and am very much looking forward to your ECM conference material later this year. As a European pouring thorough the continental news we are definitely seeing a reinforcing cycle of breakdown in government over the past few weeks and months. It […] read more

It’s About Fairness

I stopped in the local Starbucks that has a drive through near the office. One person must have had a very good day and they told the server they wanted to pay for the car behind them. When the next car came up, the server informed them the car before had paid for them, yet […] read more

BigTech Showing it is Part of the Great Reset Against the People

We are getting reports from Australia that Google, YouTube, Fakebook, Instagram, and even Telegram has blocked the truckers communications in Australia. What they are doing in Australia to deny the public the fundamental right to rise up in protest against their government demonstrates that these companies are clearly against the people. If BigTech was around […] read more

Pompey The Great- 48 BC

Dictator, 53 – 48 BC Born 106 – died 48 BC, age 58 GNAEUS POMPEIUS MAGNUS (Pompey the Great) was Rome’s most famous general during the later period of the Republic. He was the son of Pompeius Strabo who was born in 106 BC. Pompey was married several times. Finally, during his third marriage to […] read more

Italian Unemployment reached 38.7%

Politicians had better stop preparing to kill the people and start reforming. If anyone wonder why the Italian elections came out against austerity and reforms with the comedian Beppe Grillo getting a huge amount of votes, just look at unemployment and stop listening to the bankers who are destroying civilization. Grillo scored huge amount the youth who […] read more

Henry II – 1154-1189

Henry II 1154-1189 Henry II was the first of the Plantagenet line of English Kings. Henry was the eldest son of Geoffrey, Earl of Anjou, and his wife, the ex-Empress Matilda, daughter of Henry I, and was born at Mans, in March, 1133. He received his education in England, under the care of his uncle Robert, Earl […] read more

Open Letter to the Guardian

(feel free to forward this article to everyone) The Guardian headline is supporting government propaganda that 9 out of 10 economists warn of a dire future if Britain exits the EU. For a newspaper who published Snowden, I would expect a lot more integrity on this issue. The Guardian is reporting propaganda on a grand […] read more