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Capital Flows – The 4.3 Year Directional Change & Sovereign Debt Crisis

QUESTION: I have been following your articles but I am confused by your latest few articles. Previously you were mentioning that there will be a flight to quality as US has the largest debt market in the world. You also mentioned that this flight of quality will worsen the debt crisis in US into 2015.75. However, […] read more

Hillary – Brain Damage?

Karl Rove has sparked a real controversy over Hillary Clinton. Rove is said to have commented to an audience that Hillary may have suffered some form of brain damage. He based his diagnosis on special glasses Clinton wore after her concussion to lessen double vision. Hillary may have  experienced “traumatic brain injury” when she fell and […] read more

Crazy Theory Syndrome

Perhaps the two crazy theories to top the list are: (1) Canadian Tax Protesters are claiming that there is a legal person who has to file an income tax return, and then there is the natural person who the income belongs to therefore that person is not subject to income tax. The Canadian Tax authorities have […] read more

Gold Stock Report v 2014 International Precious Metals Outlook

QUESTION   Hi there I am interested in the 2014 International Precious Metals Outlook, I would like to ask if the gold stocks will be covered in this report, or will there be a separate, report for the gold stocks? Warm regards N 2014 International Precious Metals Outlook  ANSWER: Now that I have made the decision to go […] read more

German Elections Will Get Very Ugly

The opposition parties in Germany are warning each other not to join Merkel. The general hope is if nobody joins in a coalition with here, she will be unable to form a government. There is a rising sentiment in Germany that if Southern Europe can’t pay their bills – no bailouts. This was the reason for taking […] read more

Fed is Trapped – They Have Injected Tremendous Volatility Into the System

The Fed said that it would continue buying bonds at an $85 billion monthly pace for now, expressing concerns that a sharp rise in borrowing costs in recent months could weigh on the economy. What the Fed is really saying is that behind-the-curtain everyone is screaming that interest rates will rise and that will blow […] read more

You Can Do Anything If You Do Not Think of the Consequences

I had a very interesting discussion with a top investigative journalist in Germany who was different from most. The journalist inquired, “How could you advise on trillions of dollars in a crisis when others are in a state of panic?” It made me think and reflect on what I was doing differently. Yes, there were […] read more

Special Screening One-Time Event August 1st, 2015 Cherry Hill, NJ

We will be holding a special one-time event for our clients (meaning all interested readers). This is not a general public event, so we are not advertising outside of this blog. We will be showing “The Forecaster” on Saturday, August 1, 2015, with a question and answer session afterwards in Cherry Hill, NJ. The time […] read more

Hillary’s Bad Week

Crooked Hillary, as she is starting be known as even behind the curtain, is really helping Trump because many Republicans who did not like Trump see her as just outright evil. Hillary is now falling behind Trump in national opinion polls. She is so out-of-touch that her age group may want to see a woman in the […] read more

Austria to Default on Debt of 10.2 billion Euros

The province of Carinthia in Austria with its multibillion-dollar commitments for the former Hypo Alpe Adria, is presenting the classic problem. Does the state honor its guarantees, or does it simply say sorry, we never really guaranteed that. The state government is looking to default of its debt of €10.2 billion euro guarantees. This is […] read more