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Armstrong Interview in Switzerland – “The Centralization of Power Always Fails”

“The Centralization of Power Always Fails” Interview conducted by Claudio Grass read more

The Two Worst States Are Running the Country?

  COMMENT:  I find it interesting how the two worse-run states in the country are the ones who lead Congress. This does not give me confidence in the future. EH REPLY: You have a point. They are the two states California and New York with the highest number of people fleeing, yet their representatives are […] read more

Vengeance on Capitol Hill

The Democrats appear to be deliberately trying to divide the country to undermine their opposition. They seem to want violence to emerge so they can justify their Domestic Terrorist Act just as the French did during their revolution and Reign of Terror. There is a wealth of evidence that shows there were pipe bombs and […] read more

DC & a Rising 3rd Party

QUESTION: What is a “district” ( DC ) versus a “city” versus a “state” vs a “territory”? I’m confused about the definitions used and what it means. Is DC then part of the US or does it reside on its own land like the UN in NYC does or the land the federal reserve sits […] read more

California Nightmare = Florida Dreaming

Well, besides Wall Street moving to Florida, so are Hollywood stars. Sylvester Stallone listed his LA mansion for $130M heading to Florida. Everyone knows I like sports cars and I had bought a BMW I8. I went to a rather famous restaurant in Tampa, Berns Steak House which takes often months to get a reservation. When […] read more

1871 Act making DC a Corporation

QUESTION: I am finding it hard to find the Act of 1871 in the Constitution. Can you please help me find it. Thanks JS ANSWER: The Act of 1871 incorporated the District of Columbia – NOT the United States!. Here is an article about it when it passed. Trump did not dissolve the US and […] read more

Can Congress Really put Trump on Trial to Impeach him?

QUESTION: You said the impeachment may be illegal because Trump is no longer the president. Do you think it will still go on? DK ANSWER: We are in the twilight zone. An impeachment trial is limited to the removal from office. It is not a criminal proceeding. The Democrats are going after Trump on so […] read more

The New Norm

Is the Federal Government of the USA a Corporation?

  Some have written in and said then explain why the US is a corporation citing 28 U.S. Code § 3002 – Definitions. Perhaps they did not realize that all local governments are corporations right down to your local municipality. A corporation is a group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a […] read more

Q is all Fake!

QUESTION #1: You do not think QAnon is real? JC QUESTION #2: Please Mr. Armstrong, the alternative media is going bazurk with all sorts of crazy talk! Now they claim the US is a Corporation that Trump dissolved last year, and Biden is now president over the District of Columbia, not over the US?!? C […] read more