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Shanghai’s Panic Sell-Off

The first window of opportunity for the temp low in the Shanghai will be tomorrow, the July 9. We have target support at 3615000 and key support at the Weekly Bearish Reversal at 3195880 followed by the Monthly Bearish at 3049110. The week of July 6 was also a target in Shanghai. Therefore, we have […] read more

Special Screening One-Time Event August 1st, 2015 Cherry Hill, NJ

We will be holding a special one-time event for our clients (meaning all interested readers). This is not a general public event, so we are not advertising outside of this blog. We will be showing “The Forecaster” on Saturday, August 1, 2015, with a question and answer session afterwards in Cherry Hill, NJ. The time […] read more

The French to Surrender ALL Rights?

The French newspaper LeMonde has reported from leaked documents just how much the Hollande government wants to repeal the Constitution. Under this state of emergency, Hollande wants to allow “searches of vehicles and luggage without the consent of individuals…identity checks…without the need for law enforcement to prove circumstances special” and “an obligation to report his movements measurement […] read more

Putin & The Mouse that Roared?

  Putin’s hardball with the USA is paying off. His popularity has hit 82% in Russia – the envy of any Western politician. The attitude in Russia is that they have been kicked around and now it is time to kick-back. Economically speaking, taking Eastern Ukraine is no prize. There is no real economy to […] read more


One of the most critical aspects of why it is so important to understand history is because it is both a catalogue of solutions as well as potential threats. At the Sovereign Debt Crisis Conference today we discussed FORCED LOANS. Both the cities of Venice and Florence issued laws FORCING citizens to buy their bonds. This […] read more

The Peak in Government? A Low in Interest Rates?

We have warned that capital is in a flight to quality, therefore creating the bubble in government paper. We also warned that the bond market on the long-term peaked in April/May and that we should expect a further rally in the short-end. This significant move has unfolded right before our eyes. The fact that the bonds have […] read more

Banks Manipulating Markets & the End of an Era

I have been warning that there has been a “Club” that has been targeting market after market to make a quick buck. The LIBOR Scandal has caused the tide to turn as well as having to bail out the banks in 2008 that has fundamentally altered the course of everything. Now the Swiss regulators said […] read more

Judge Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison for Selling Kids to For-Profit Prison; Police Chief Sentenced to 1 Year for Murder

Finally, a state judge was sentenced to 28 years in prison for taking bribes from a private juvenile prison where he sentenced kids for the profit of the prison. I have yet to meet any judge who is actually “HONORABLE” as the title they bestow upon themselves suggests. The issue is not that all judges accept bribes; rather it […] read more

Why do Politicians Always Surround Themselves with Children?

Obama signed 23 executive orders against guns. The real movement is to disarm citizens. They are not stupid. Laws like this do not stop criminals. All they do is prevent the people from defending themselves. They will accomplish nothing to further the pretended reasons for the enactments. The “kill switch” on the internet the Obama […] read more

Pescennius Niger – 193-194AD

Pescennius Niger 193-194 AD C. Pescennius Niger was born sometime between 135 and 140 AD of humble origin. He had a long and honorable career in the army, but did not display any exceptional victories. In 189 AD he held the consulship and in the following year was appointed Governor of Syria by 191 AD. […] read more