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Swiss Pension Crisis – It’s Everywhere

This whole idea of socialism has created a system that is way beyond what anyone in their right mind would have created. The Swiss pension system is at risk no different from anyone else. Swiss life insurance companies guarantee one part of the pensions of Swiss workers. Now the Swiss unions have figured this mess out and […] read more

Eliminating Democracy – The Seed from Which Revolution Grows

Be it Europe or the USA, the drive to eliminate democracy is underway. Politicians are doing their best to prevent the voice of the people to have any impact. This is what sets the stage for revolution. It goes hand in hand for when government tries to simply dictate to the people, eventually the whole […] read more

You Can Do Anything If You Do Not Think of the Consequences

I had a very interesting discussion with a top investigative journalist in Germany who was different from most. The journalist inquired, “How could you advise on trillions of dollars in a crisis when others are in a state of panic?” It made me think and reflect on what I was doing differently. Yes, there were […] read more

Mary – 1553-1554

Mary 1553-1554 Mary was the eldest daughter of Henry VIII and his first queen, Catherine of Aragon, was born at Greenwich, in February, 1516. She was soon declared Princess of Wales, and was settled with a numerous household at Ludlow, where she was under the care of the Countess of Salisbury. Brought up in the Catholic faith, she […] read more

Metals Update

The two Daily Bearish Reversals are 1240 and 1186. We are holding the 1240 level for now with a minor Daily Bullish forming at 1262 and 1294. We see a turning point next week and the week of the 23rd. We do not see the meltdown yet without a monthly closing below 1190 area. We also […] read more

NY Judge Dismisses $1.7 Billion Lawsuit Against Bank of America

New York U.S. District Robert Sweet dismissed a lawsuit brought by two foreign banks against a US bank for $1.7 billion. Whatever you file in NYC against a US bank will be dismissed. That is just policy – the UNTOUCHABLES. So why do lawyers take money from clients when they know the game? Do not […] read more

The Complexity of War & Debt – a New Factor Entirely

  The title of the next book that needs to be written is not War & Peace, but War and Debt. The interesting complexity of continually borrowing with no intention of ever paying anyone back is a totally modern development post-WWII. This has simply never been done before and governments have no clue what to […] read more

217-270 AD

The Monetary History of the Imperial Rome Chapter II By Martin A. Armstrong Following the death of Caracalla in 217 AD, the double aureus did not immediately survive. The double aureus was finally reintroduced around 249 AD by Trajan Decius (249 – 251 AD). The silver antoninianus did manage to hang on briefly, but it was not issued in substantial quantities. It completely disappeared from […] read more

Special Showing of “The Forecaster” in Cherry Hill, NJ on August 1, 2015 at 5PM

We will be holding a special one-time event for our clients (meaning all interested readers). This is not a general public event, so we are not advertising outside of this blog. We will be showing “The Forecaster” on Saturday, August 1, 2015, with a question and answer session afterwards in Cherry Hill, NJ. The time […] read more

Panic of 1960 in Gold Sparked by Presidential Debates

During the Third Debate, the question about the outflow of gold from the USA reserves took place and setoff a panic in the London gold market whereby gold rallied to $40 for the first time showing that the Bretton Woods System was indeed collapsing. The United States outflow of gold was not really from a […] read more