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Climate Change Has been a Routine Scare Tactic Since the 1930s

QUESTION: Is there a pattern? C ANSWER: For whatever reason, these people have been promoting that the cities will all sink and we are the cause of it all. They have been touting this scenario since the 1930s when there was the Dust Bowl. It resurfaced after World War II when they were trying to […] read more

The Plan to Disarm Americans to Prevent Revolution

I get emails from friends in Britain who envy the US, saying if they had the right to have guns, they would be protecting their liberty. The Biden Administration has moved to force everyone to register guns. The next step is to just bust into your house and confiscate them. They are taking these steps […] read more

The Monetary Reform of 1857 Ends Legal Tender Foreign Coins

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I found in my grandmother’s belongings a penny from 1855 and one from 1857 which was much smaller and silver in appearance. Was there also a monetary reform that changed the coinage during the 1850s? PK ANSWER: Oh yes. But it is far more interesting than meets the eye. Foreign coins were […] read more

12 Years Can Really Give Consent?

QUESTION: Is it true that California can vaccinate even 11-year-olds without parental consent? GH ANSWER: No. But the Washington D.C. Council passed a law in late December 2020 that allows children as young as 11 to receive vaccines if they are deemed capable by a doctor of giving informed consent. If an 11 year old […] read more

IMPEACHMENT – Urgent Clarification That Divides Country

I have endeavored to provide only reliable information. My sources are real, not imaginary conjuring up plots where Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act and even arrest Pence. The last time that was invoked was in 1992 by George H.W. Bush during the unrest in Los Angeles after the acquittal of police officers who beat […] read more

The 2020 COVID Crash Appears it was a Manipulation

The Build Back Better slogan was actually all prepared in 2019 BEFORE Covid. This entire movement was set in motion using the virus to stage this event all for climate change. Every step of the way this propaganda has been orchestrated in high gear which took off in August 2019. The Climate Clock was turned […] read more

Massive Riots in Florence Italy – Europe Imposing Authoritarian Laws

There was a very serious uprising in Florence during demos against the Corona measures as reported by DWN. The “police officers acted particularly brutally against the demonstrators. The officers also beat bystanders.” The people are chanting “We want to work. We are hungry”. The EU lockdowns have already seriously reduced the food supply and their new […] read more

The Markets in Light of the Chaos

  When we look around the world the final say in every election is always the vote of capital – which is international rather than confined to local politics. Biden has already shut down the pipeline from Alberta which will only be symbolic for whatever substitute will mere be brought in by ship and pumped […] read more

The New Age of Economic Totalitarianism & the London Meeting to End Currency

I have been warning that the governments of the West are in severe trouble. We face the worst economic crisis, perhaps in modern history, with the distinct risk of moving into a state of Economic Totalitarianism. The governments are well aware of the Economic Confidence Model (ECM). Many people have questioned, “Why have they not killed you?” […] read more

Has Socrates Ever Been Wrong on a Political Forecast?

QUESTION: How long has Socrates been making political forecasts. Was it ever wrong? DK ANSWER: The only election I would say that Socrates was both correct and wrong was that of 2000. It projected that Al Gore would win. Of course, that election went to the Supreme Court and they stopped the count and handed […] read more