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Your Comments & Questions

COMMENT #1: Marty, One gets the sense we are closer to a dictatorship than most think. Twitter, Google, Facebook, and others now appear to be working in overdrive to block content, prevent free speech, report only what suits them, in an effort to sway voters and build momentum for a Biden win. Surely, anyone with a […] read more

Crash of 1998 Is it Over Or Just Beginning?

Crash of 1998 Is it Over Or Just Beginning? By Martin A. Armstrong Copyright September 9th, 1998 Princeton Economic Institute There was a sigh of relief yesterday when the markets rebounded sharply. So many began to tout what stock should be bought right away that the Fed is thinking about lower interest rates instead of […] read more

Answering Questions on Gold

QUESTION: Marty, it appears you are correct once again in gold that this rally would not reverse the trend. The gold promoters have been all over the place claiming gold has bottomed and the stock market and the world will go to zero because of fiat. Is there a number we should be watching below […] read more

Welcome the Federalization of One Europe to Save the Euro

COMMENT:  Hello Mr Armstrong, just want to share with you an interview today with Mr Draghi in the Dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ (June 21st 2014). I had google translated the text but made some modifications here and there. Hope you can still understand it. Draghi wants more power to Brussels, that’s quite clear from the […] read more

Time to Show Courage & to Fight

COMMENT: Every day that I read your blog I tear myself down and rebuild myself up brick by brick. Every day I become a stronger structure from the day before. Thank you. W from Brampton Canada. W REPLY: This is not a time to be a coward. We must stand and fight for what we […] read more

Electronic Money – Coming Everywhere Sooner than you Think

When Larry Summers said interest rates should be negative, he was flying a balloon to see how it was taken. Negative interest rates are coming. When the economy turns down after 2015.75, they cannot lower rates that are already too low, so in their mind, they have to go negative. You will be taxed effectively […] read more

The Forecaster Movie – The Bankers & Russia

  At the Amsterdam debut of the Forecaster, a rather high up person from Russia Attended. After watching the film, he was in shock. He said this has to be shown in Moscow. It deals with one of the most talked about topics in Russia back in the day. The film will debut in Russia. I […] read more

Is there Hope?

QUESTION: Hey Martin – I love the insights you have and Socrates seems to be spot on about most things. It’s just hard to read your blog posts. It seems like we all will have no choice but to submit to Communism 3.0. How do we fight this? You say they will lose in the […] read more

Glossary of Money Terminology

  Aes Rude – Earliest form of Roman money whereby lumps of bronze traded by weight due to its utility value to be used to weapons or tools. Aes Grave – Early Roman bronze coinage that was cast into standardized coins with a recognizable image. Aes Signatum – Broze Ingots with an idealized intended weight […] read more

Ukraine – Becoming the Real Focal Point

Ambassador Michael McFaul to Russia has Resigned, not merely from his post, but from the Obama Administration. McFaul was never popular in Russia and was often accused of trying to stir a revolution there. But the word around is that he is getting out and does not like the turn of events. Besides the US sending tanks […] read more