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Putin’s Speech – Tax Free Corporates for 4 Years

COMMENT: Well it looks like Putin is doing more than reviewing your film to approve its release in Russia. He is reading your  blog. His speech today is offering tax free status for corporations exactly for your 4 year period into 2020. He only talks about the Silk Road joining with China. BW REPLY: Yes, […] read more

Crash of 1998 Is it Over Or Just Beginning?

Crash of 1998 Is it Over Or Just Beginning? By Martin A. Armstrong Copyright September 9th, 1998 Princeton Economic Institute There was a sigh of relief yesterday when the markets rebounded sharply. So many began to tout what stock should be bought right away that the Fed is thinking about lower interest rates instead of […] read more

Merkel to Confront Trump at G20 On Climate

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel is determined to create problems at the upcoming G20 meeting in Hamburg July 7-8. She is a brainwashed climate supporter who has refused to listen to over 31,000 scientists who have joined together against this Global Warming fraud. The Paris climate meeting refused to allow anyone to speak in opposition. They have […] read more

Beware of Household Income Interpretation

  I have warned that one of the clever ways taxes are raised is by changing the definition of the rich. We can see that when FDR came into office, the definition of the rich became $5 million because he was planning to introduce the payroll tax and everyone had to pay. That was a […] read more

Time to Show Courage & to Fight

COMMENT: Every day that I read your blog I tear myself down and rebuild myself up brick by brick. Every day I become a stronger structure from the day before. Thank you. W from Brampton Canada. W REPLY: This is not a time to be a coward. We must stand and fight for what we […] read more

G20 Targets the Week of the Cycle of War

The G20 Leaders’ Summit for 2014 is being held on November 15th and 16th in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The principal meeting venue will be the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. There will be as many as 4,000 delegates and 3,000 media representatives in attendance. It is curious that the comes right in line with the turn […] read more

China’s Golden Opportunity

COMMENT: Marty, Re: Biden’s Abuse of the Military My biggest concern right now is that if we do foolishly purge our military degrading readiness, does China’s President Xi take advantage and seize Taiwan amid the chaos in our ranks much like how the Germans took advantage of a Soviet military purge to time their invasion […] read more

Is there Hope?

QUESTION: Hey Martin – I love the insights you have and Socrates seems to be spot on about most things. It’s just hard to read your blog posts. It seems like we all will have no choice but to submit to Communism 3.0. How do we fight this? You say they will lose in the […] read more

Why Pegs to the US$ Will Break

Speculation is, at last, starting to rise that the HK$/US$ peg could break. The all-powerful governments are suddenly being seen as no so powerful. The massive dollar rally that our model has been forecasting is rather straight-forward. The higher the US$ rises, the more deflation will be exported to economies that are out of sync […] read more

Glossary of Money Terminology

  Aes Rude – Earliest form of Roman money whereby lumps of bronze traded by weight due to its utility value to be used to weapons or tools. Aes Grave – Early Roman bronze coinage that was cast into standardized coins with a recognizable image. Aes Signatum – Broze Ingots with an idealized intended weight […] read more