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Gold & Monetary Reform

QUESTION: Marty; The Global Market Watch on gold has been really something on the investor level. Can’t wait for the trader level. I believe your staff said that will have the daily and weekly levels also. I find it fascinating how the computer called the low in gold and then said turning back up and […] read more


COMMENT: Marty, you were the first to report that there was a State of Emergency in Frankfurt ahead of the media. I find this very curious for what does this say about the media? Thank you REPLY: We may be the most international firm ever for we have clients and readers in absolutely every nook […] read more

World Health Organization Demanded Sweden Lock Down To Cover Its Own Fraud

The New York Times and others are out in full force to defend Bill Gates, their savior of the world. They distort everything and try to pretend he is this wonderful man who only has our best interests at heart. They also refuse to address how the World Health Organization has carried out the greatest […] read more

Trump & His Wall – Just a Sign of a Greater Problem

QUESTION: Do you support Trump’s wall? ANSWER: A wall will not end the crisis. You can use boats as well. What are the issues? First, the purpose of the wall is to stop the drug trade. It will put a dent into it, but it will not eradicate it. Second, is the immigration. There are […] read more

The Fate of All Municipal Governments – Look to Peoria, Illinois

The governmental system we have is totally corrupt and it outright UNSUSTAINABLE!!!! In Illinois, the city of Peoria has been forced to eliminate 22 firefighter and 16 police positions even after they made 27 layoffs earlier this year. Besides eliminating employees, they are now looking at adding a tax of $50-$300 to per resident try to cover […] read more

The Fourth Industrial Revolution & Forecasting

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I attended the WEC last year for the first time. Everything you laid out came true. You were saying the Euro would peak by February and we were looking at a dark period into September to October. What I am amazed at is that your computer gets the timing correct and […] read more

Computer Demands Humility

Armstrong 1985 with IBM XT COMMENT: Fantastic examples in the final version (free-markets-are-natures-design). You need to keep connecting the dots until the person finally sees something, even if it isn’t the whole. Then again, can anyone see the whole? I find it fascinating that the computer gives you dates (dots), but you have to wait until […] read more

Sweden’s Insane Hunt for Money

COMMENT: Now when everyone except politicians says Sweden is broke government increases the hunt for money. 27 January – Karlskrona municipality is measuring hedges and they threaten 650 homeowners with fine if they don’t cut it. The fine is 520 USD. 24 January – Dalarna municipality talking about a tourist tax. Tax for every night […] read more

Debt & The Dow

The US government has now moved into the second week of a shutdown with 810,000 federal employees furloughed without pay or 28% of their work force. Some believe there is no end in sight largely because the Democrats are trying to use this to destroy the Republicans and the Tea Party. For this reason, Congress […] read more

Gold the Real Conspiracy

Behind the dramatic fall in the gold price has been the subject of countless conspiracy theories that all pretty much center on the notion that the entire global economy revolves around gold. The only tangible conspiracy by governments is to hunt down as much cash as they can. The real secret strategy of central banks […] read more