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Punishing Traders for What Central Bankers Do All the Time

Bloomberg is reporting the fate of Christian Bittar who was the top trader at Deutsche Bank AG. He earned a bonus of $126 million in 2008 for betting that as the economy would melt down, banks would refuse to lend to each other until the dust settled so short-term rates would soar. While he is sitting now […] read more

Mexico & the 112 Year Cycle

QUESTION: Dear Martin As usual, I have no words to thank the sincere and incomparable work that you did for us, and almost for free. People like you should be a reference for future generations. You really are a Punk, in the best sense of the word [anti-autoritaritharism, DIY, direct action..]. I’m writing you because the […] read more

Secret Empires – Corruption Beyond Belief

I have written many times about the deep corruption among the political class. The way they have always taken bribes is through their families. I have written how Hillary’s brother magically got the gold mining contract from Hati when he wasn’t a gold miner. The Clinton Foundation which was supposed to be a real charity […] read more

Market Talk- March 16, 2018

A mixed shop for Asian indices with most playing either side of unchanged for much of the day. The Nikkei opened with a small gain but was again soon under pressure as continued trade war fears and US political concerns with the news that the US Special Council Robert Muller has subpoenaed the Trump Organization […] read more

Corruption & the Rule of Law

QUESTION: Today’s opinion section of the WSJ features an article on government’s intervention in AIG. The troublesome point concerns the possibility of a new precedent w.r.t. property rights in the USA, viz.: “…the government may unlawfully deprive shareholders of their ownership and control of a company as long as it does not formally seize their […] read more

Chronology of Event for the Crash of 2007-2009

2007 Feb. 27: Mortgage giant Freddie Mac says it will no longer buy the riskiest subprime loans. April 2: Subprime mortgage lender New Century Financial files for bankruptcy-court protection. June 2007: Two Bear Stearns hedge funds suffer after bad bets on U.S. subprime mortgage-related securities. July 31: Investment bank Bear Stearns liquidates two hedge funds […] read more

Market Talk- March 9, 2018

A strong opening for all core Asian markets, but not all could maintain the opening strength. The Nikkei had a great morning session up over 1.3% then was hit after lunch but still managed a +0.5% gain for the day and a +1.4% on the week. Nerves ahead of the US non-farms tended to restrict […] read more

The Analysts Are Turning Back to Bearish Again

CNN Money is reporting the headline “A top JPMorgan Chase executive is warning that stocks could fall as much as 40% in the next few years.” CNN reports that Daniel Pinto, JPMorgan’s co-president, said on Bloomberg Television he believed that market gains should continue for the next year or two. However, he added that investors […] read more

Putin’s Address to the Nation & the World

  Putin’s address on March 1st to the Federal Assembly seems to have sparked a lot of crazy emails with people talking nonsense about things they do not even come close to understanding. Yes, the headline grabber was Putin’s statement about a new invincible cruise missile. I will address that in a moment. Overlooked, however, […] read more

Market Talk- March 5, 2018

Although at the National Peoples Congress meeting, China announced an estimated annual growth rate of 6.5% – it was the Hang Seng that took centre stage as far as conversations were concerned! It appeared as though the market finally realised it was supposed to be declining and that led financials to push the index down […] read more