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Madoff is Dead – The Great NY Cover-UP

Bernie Madoff died on April 14, 2021, at the Federal Medical Center in the federal prison in Butner, North Carolina, of the US Bureau of Prisons. A cause of death was not released, but it was probably kidney failure. In February 2020, Madoff had petitioned the courts for an early release from prison, stating that […] read more

Bill Gates Has Been Controlling WHO

  We have a major crisis on our hands. Bill Gates is a VERY SERIOUS threat to not just the world economy, but to world peace. He has been using a loophole that allows health organizations to appear to be government agencies but are not independent and have been actually controlled by Gates. You will […] read more

Fauci Has Lied but Biden Will Not Remove Him

    Bill Gates has been funding Fauci, and Gates insists that the entire world must be vaccinated but refuses to give vaccines to poor countries. Instead, he wants the wealthy countries to pay him full price for the vaccines and hand them over to the poor nations. So much for caring about the health […] read more

The Rapidly Approaching Demise of Japan

  Please register for Special Updates ArmstrongEconomics.COM Copyright Martin A. Armstrong All Rights Reserved   Disclaimer: Futures, Options, and Currency trading all have large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in these complex markets. Don’t trade with […] read more

Ancient Coins

Many people have written asking how we were able to reconstruct the monetary history of Rome. We built one of the most comprehensive collections ever assembled much of which is outlined in our Monetary History of the World segment. The purpose of assembling such a massive collection was to be able to see the rise […] read more

Understanding a New World Order in Economics Is Possible

I have been doing a lot of interviews in Germany, from TV and radio, to newspapers and magazines. It is clear that they are starting to get the message that this is not about opinion. Every economist has recognized that there is a business cycle. The approach has been starkly different from medicine. Instead of […] read more

May 8th – the Turning Point & the Crack in Confidence

I have been warning that since 1999, there has been a shift in government where the UNELECTED bureaucrats seek to take over the country. I have warned that in my opinion, Trump was naive thinking that being president meant you really were in charge. For all of those who voted for Biden who did so […] read more

Daniel’s Interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

QUESTION: You have previously said that the Persian monetary system was based on gold, the Greeks used silver and the Romans began with bronze. That actually described the Biblical story of the dream of Nebuchadnezzar’s Statue interpreted by Daniel. Do you think your research into the world Monetary System confirms that interpretation? WK ANSWER: I […] read more

New Variety in the Athenian Owls

  The hoard of Athenian Owl tetradrachms has revealed something incredibly important. The seminal work of Chester Starr (Athenian Coinage) identified five groups of designs covering the period 480-407BC. While Starr examined known coins in museums and collections, he did show photographs and attributed them to a declining quality of execution based upon the fact that […] read more

9/11 – the False Flag Allegation & Bin Laden

QUESTION: The Taliban are claiming there is no proof that Osama bin Laden ordered the 9/11 attack. Was this truly and an American false flag or was it real? Any comment? HN ANSWER: It is interesting that 9/11 took place precisely on the pi target date of the Economic Confidence Model. However, I know that […] read more