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Silver the Key to a Sustainable Rally in Gold

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, Is silver currently showing more strength than gold, and therefore likely to move beyond gold in this phase? I’m not a technician but it looks that way to me. Thank you for all you share. M ANSWER: Yes. This is one of the critical factors that must turn to signal a real […] read more

Diocletian's "Edict of Maximum Prices" issued in 301 AD

Wages in 301 AD in theRoman Empire All data based on Diocletian’s “Edict of Maximum Prices” issued in 301 AD Prices Expressed in Roman Denarii equivalent General Laborers brick maker, for every 4 fired bricks and preparation of the clay……………………… 2 brick maker, for every 8 sun dried bricks, and preparation of the clay……………… 2 […] read more

Socrates Update World Share Market Indexes

These are the World Stock Indexes Available in the Basic Level AEX (Dutch) Index Cash AEX All Share (Netherlands) All Ordinaries (Australian) Index Cash Athens Stock Exchange General Index (Greece) Cash Austrian Traded Index Cash BEL20 (Belgium) Index Cash Bist National 100 (Turkey) Botswana Stock Exchange DMS Companies Index (Botswana) Bulgaria Stock Exchange Sofix (Bulgaria) CAC-40 (France) […] read more

Airlines Industry is Out of Control

The incident of beating and dragging a passenger from United Airlines so United Employees can get a seat is just an example of how abusive the entire airline industry has become. United’s own pilots have come out to object to the incident. They sent a public letter which claimed that the incident occurred on one […] read more

Largest New Discovery of Oil in USA Puts USA in Top Ten

Another major discovery of oil has been made in Alaska of 1.2 billion barrels. It is the largest find of conventional oil for 30 years on US territory. The discovery was made by the Spanish oil company Repsol on Thursday with its US partner Armstrong Energy. According to a report from the company, the production […] read more

ISIS Demands Money for Hostages

  ISIS now demand $200 million in ransom or they will behead two Japanese hostages. This seems to be retaliation for last week, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged $200 million in non-military assistance to support countries affected by the campaign against ISIS during his six-day Middle East tour. This Islamic State has now released a video […] read more

Market Talk – April 29, 2019

ASIA: A large rally (people, not stocks) took place in Hong Kong today appealing against the countries extradition law. The proposed law will allow suspect to be sent to mainland China for trail. It is believed over 100 thousand people took part in the protests. Regarding US and China relations the US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin […] read more

Market Talk – April 11, 2019

Asia: The World Bank president stated today that there is too much debt in the world, and finger pointing has turned toward China for lending trillions of dollars to other countries. This of course does not factor in that much of its holding debt is issued from mature countries, such as the U.S. In the […] read more

Market Talk – April 9, 2019

Asia: China wishes to ban bitcoin mining in an attempt to make the world a safer place – at least that is the positioning according to the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission. While hard to take serious at times, the group releases a report every year announcing what industries it wishes to restrict or […] read more

Market Talk – April 5, 2019

Asia: Chinese Vice President Liu backed by his delegation stated that a new consensus has been reached after yesterday’s meeting with President Trump. The two countries are still working toward a deal, but it appears as if progress has been made. Japanese bank Nomura stated that they will reduce the point of sales by at […] read more