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Did Tariffs Cause Great Depression?

The causes of the Great Depression have been debated for decades. The problem with all of the analysis is this same attempt to reduce the cause to a single event. In school, we read the Great Crash by Galbraith. He was a socialist so he blamed the corporations and never bothered to ever even mention the […] read more

The Dow & the Economic Confidence Model

COMMENT: Marty, I have to laugh. Only those who have followed you more 20 years understand you have discovered the hidden order behind the facade. Fantastic call on this turn in the ECM. Once again to the very day in the Dow. And people do not think your model is real? They must be idiots […] read more

Claudius – 41-54 AD

Claudius Emperor 41 – 54 AD Born 10 BC – Died 54 AD, age 64 Tiberius Claudius Drusus was the younger son of Nero Claudius Drusus, (son of Livia) and Antonia, daughter of Mark Antony and Octavia. Claudius was born at Lugdunum, Gaul (Lyons, France) on August 1st, 10 BC. Claudius was the first emperor to be born outside of Italy, […] read more

Georgia Recount – Still a Fraud & Agenda 2030

    This is why there should be a computer program that people go online to vote and we eliminate this outrageous fraud because the public has no idea what they are doing to the country because the “agenda” was never told to the people. We call this democracy where people can run for election […] read more

COMEY & the Unconstitutional Antics of the NY Courts

QUESTION: I remember watching a documentary about you where none other than James Comey put you in jail illegally and forced you to admit guilt to some nonsense. Similar to what happened to General Flynn in recent years. Now that the deep state is being dismantled, do you plan on filing a lawsuit against the […] read more

Goldman Sachs Going Down on the Pi Target?

The Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund sued Goldman Sachs on the Pi Target, Wednesday, November 21st, 2018,  for allegedly conspiring against the Middle Eastern fund to further a criminal scheme by Malaysia’s scandal-plagued 1MDB. The suit, filed in a New York court on behalf of Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC), names Goldman Sachs […] read more

Unprecedented Power Grab

  We are living not just in interesting times, we are living in UNPRECEDENTED TIMES, which has raised the stakes profoundly toward civil war. You have to wonder if someone like Bill Gates is really stupid with respect to economics, or is he deliberately trying to further the same agenda he supported for Climate Change […] read more

The UN & its Plan to Rule the World

  I have been in meetings over the 40 years of my career, which were always dancing around the idea that we needed a one-world government. There have been those who have tried to get me drunk, hypnotize me to get me on a private jet to some secret place, to try to entice me […] read more

Mysterious Force of Synchronization

There is an enigmatic power which is the true Mysterious Force of Synchronization which exists in everything within the universe from electronics,  biology, all the way to planetary movement. This mysterious force is known to engineers and even the military. In 1831, there was a rather interesting collapse of the Broughton Suspension Bridge in Manchester, […] read more

How the Supreme Court Doomed the US & the West

    I have been warning that those in Washington DO NOT like outsiders. Only 106 republicans out of 196 joined Texas demonstrating that behind the curtain, nearly 50% of republican politicians prefer Trump to leave because he is not one of them. The Supreme Court avoided ruling claiming Texas had no standing which is […] read more