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Turning Point Coming Up

The interplay of the War Cycle and the ECM is really getting interesting. We can see some wild swings ahead. This volatility will start next week and gradually build up into what appears to be a major focal point come November. The technical Breakout Channel on the Daily Chart is warning that breaking beneath that […] read more

Will 2015 Break Germany?

While the German municipalities are short €118 billion euros for infrastructure repairs, reorganization of the German state finances may force even higher taxes. The German budget next year will see social spending is likely to exceed the €50 billion euros level. This will be more than the total business tax revenue in the nation. Everything […] read more

The Mifid II Directive – Changing Research Forever

  Many Institutions are turning to our services because of Mifid II. We are starting a free trial for institutions now because so many are asking for help because we cover the entire world, do not have any conflicts of interest, and all reports on trading instruments are entirely written by the computer without human […] read more

Updating the Markets – The Key is the Corruption That Will Make the Turn

Political corruption is now in the open, but politicians don’t seem bothered, figuring it will all blow over in a week or two. This corruption trend in politics is indicative of what we need in place to shift the CONFIDENCE from government to private come 2015.75. There hasn’t been much to write about for the markets have done […] read more

The Dow & the Two Paths To Chaos

We have a Daily Bullish Reversal in the Dow at 18105.00. A closing above that will warn of a retest of the May high of 18421.13. We still do not see a major crash unfolding and the next three months will remain choppy. We have a serious risk of two patterns. Do we get the […] read more

Great Lakes with Historical Record Ice

  The greatest scientific FRAUD of all time has been this Global Warming nonsense. But hey, they are great snake-oil salesmen who manage to get billions of dollars thrown at them to study what they will never admit are just natural weather patterns. This is is so damn cold, I think a few more months […] read more

Civil Unrest for 2018/2019 Post Election Cycle – The End of the United States?

QUESTION: I have followed you for many years and read you daily. To the point, I was looking at the riots in LA 1n 1965 and then the riots in 1992, that being 27 years so I divided that by 8.6 and got 3.14, so I backtested 27 years and found more race-related riots etc. Does […] read more

Euro Capital Flight Begins

Reports both from Europe and United States indicate that capital is starting to flee from Southern Europe which prompted the statements by politicians that Cyprus will not become the standard model, which of course it is. The European banks are closed today. Resistance for any knee-jerk reaction will begin at the Monthly Bearish Reversal that […] read more

War Against the Rich – Age Old Battle

The battle of class warfare has been raging for thousands of years. This is nothing new and it has tended to end is sheer disaster without exception. Basil II (b 958; 976–1025) really set the decline and fall of the Byzantine Empire in motion by engaging in such class-warfare to win popularity. Just as government desperately needs money […] read more

The Graying of Society & Why the US Economy is doing better than Most

Why is the USA better off in some respects to Europe and Asia? They are calling it the “Graying of Society”. The problem is rather stark: the socialistic system never counted on the collapse in birth rates and a greater life expectancy increase. This is wreaking havoc on the fiscal budgets of governments everywhere, yet […] read more