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Why Academics Remain Hopeless

I have always been a logical thinker. The teacher got very angry when I was in 4th grade and connected the dots concluding what she said was pure nonsense. Since she could not explain herself,  the school called my father. He had to come down and plead with them not to expel me. So I […] read more

Euro & Cyprus Crisis

The Euro has rebounded but only to retest the Weekly Bearish Reversal. The European Commission fails to understand that they have driven a stake through the heart of the Euro. It will NEVER be a reserve currency without a single debt. This crazy refusal to simply design a normal monetary system will be Europe’s undoing. […] read more

Goldbug Hyperbole

No matter what the news, the goldbugs find a way to constantly talk a market up detached from all reality. One reader wrote: “Now they way they’re spinning this is that the confiscation of deposits is all being done to encourage people to take their money out of banks and thus increase the velocity of […] read more

Are we Headed into a Mad Max Scenario?

The 1981 film Mad Max with Mel Gibson has been the subject of many emails asking what to do, should they store some food, silver coins, etc. As a trader, you always plan for ALL options so when they emerge, you know where to turn and what to do. I am diligently working to get […] read more

The Rise & Fall of the Euro

Copyright August 21st, 2011 Please register for Special Updates and Please send comments and suggestions to ArmstrongEconomics.COM Copyright Martin A. Armstrong All Rights Reserved  This Report may be forwarded as you like without charge to individuals or governments around the world. It is provided as a Public Service at this time without cost because of […] read more

Interesting Questions for Gold

Question: Yet, in the meantime, should inflation surface, say in the latter part of the decade, (before a total collapse), wouldn’t gold be the place to be?  Or perhaps I should phrase the question “will inflation precede a total collapse?” Inflation is typically defined as the rise in prices of goods and services. This is […] read more

Gold Backwardation – The Real Story

The Gold backwardation has been distorted as all sorts of reasons for everything. Normally, this is the market condition wherein the price of a forward or futures contract is trading below the expected spot price at contract maturity. Consequently, the resulting futures or forward curve is “inverted” whereby it is negative because gold is trading […] read more

Russia Also Desperate for Taxes

Russia needs money to expand its military so it can play the game of conquest. The tax burden in Russia is rising and there is a danger that it too will send capital fleeing to Asia. There is talk about adding a sales tax ON TOP of a Value Added Tax. This is also insane. […] read more

Real Estate

A reader wrote: “Martin’s latest post says real estate will rise, but a chart posted a week ago predicts dire things for real estate after 2015.  Which is it? Can you ask him please!” Real Estate is the most difficult to talk about because it is so diverse lacking a single market. My post saying […] read more

Gold Sales 10 Tons per Day

The hate mail from die-hard Goldbugs is just endless. People seem compelled to always blame someone else for their own misguided ideas. I have said it plenty of times, between 1970 and 1974 gold rallied from $34 to about $200 on the whole theory of inflation, fiat money, we just abandoned the gold standard in […] read more