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Italy Turns Anti-Austerity & European Chaos Fills the Air

In Italy, the new government was sworn in as a pseudo-anti-austerity government which has the blessings of Berlusconi. There was an attempted assassination of politicians by an unemployed Talian, not that he was for austerity, but rather just against politicians. This is the rising trend that is starting to bubble beneath the surface. The ECB […] read more

Hoarding Alternative Money & Reforming Banks

Argentina is going through the classic stages of economic collapse. The government seized all pensions. They are destroying everything that gives the people incentive to be a society that emerges from the cooperation of everyone. When government turns against its own people, even as the USA is currently doing, you end up with deflation insofar […] read more


Stimulated/Austerity No matter what culture we talk about, it always fights the last war. Germany is scared to death about hyperinflation since that was its experience after the Communist Revolution in 1918 during the early 1920s. The United States has been scared to death about another deflation as in the Great Depression and chooses to […] read more

The Market & Cycles – Why We Must Crash & Burn

One Response regarding this problem that we must crash and burn states that this “is somewhat of a paradox though, see some people, not so conflicted by their personal conscience (against obedience to authority / control ), but influenced by their uncertainty and/or lack of confidence. obviously, not all people are the same. Guess for […] read more

Failure to Understand the Commodity Market

Some people are just so hung up on this idea of selling paper gold they only try to explain the decline as false caused solely by paper shorts. Sorry – it does not matter! That is the nature of all futures markets. It is merely another twisting of facts to try to explain why a […] read more

Myth of the One-Sided Trade

I can think of nothing more than the single greatest nonsense that has frustrated me for decades – the MYTH of the ONE-SIDED TRADE. As I have stated at seminars around the world, there is this prevailing myth of some HUGE short position that forces the market down. In gold, there is the mythical short […] read more

All Mirrors Have been Banned From Washington & Brussels

All mirror must have been banned from Parliament in Brussels and Washington, DC because the majority of these politicians REFUSE to look at themselves straight on for fear what they might look like. They talk among themselves and ONLY see their point of view like the Gold Promoters who live in denial claiming the declines […] read more

Gold Always Denial

The rally is still just a dead-cat-bounce. The gold promoters are never wrong. When it goes down, it is always by some evil force and it is NEVER real except the losses. When it goes up, see they are always right. This is people’s assets they do not respect. This is NOT analysis – it […] read more

Gold – Reality Check

I remain long-term bullish on gold which is the HEDGE against government – not inflation. This nonsense of fiat and all that bullshit sounds good. But that was all true when gold fell for 19 years as well. This is a market. The object here is to SURVIVE what is coming. The market is NEVER […] read more

Will Europe Break Apart?

There is no doubt rising separatist movements in virtually every country. However, the politicians are threatening members who think about leaving. So the ship is sinking and some faint distant hope may still glimmer in the distance that the people will make their voice heard in Europe and bring about change. At least the governments there are […] read more