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Gold the Real Conspiracy

Behind the dramatic fall in the gold price has been the subject of countless conspiracy theories that all pretty much center on the notion that the entire global economy revolves around gold. The only tangible conspiracy by governments is to hunt down as much cash as they can. The real secret strategy of central banks […] read more

Real Estate & Currency

QUESTION:  Hi Martin, Re: Is Japan Real Estate a Taboo subject? Thanks for all your writings – FANTASTIC. Spot on with the DOW & gold. What inspiration and enlightenment. As they say down under – you are a living legend mate! Out of pure interest only, I was wondering if you could do a blog […] read more

Inflation is Inevitable But its the Interest Rates We Better Watch

We are in one of the most complex conundrums in financial history. On the one hand we have vast amounts of cash that creates tremendous liquidity with interest rates at virtually zero, G7 finance ministers at least alarmed about the high level of liquidity yet it is becoming obvious even to them that monetary policy can not […] read more

Change Only Comes from the Bottom-up

The Republican staff are all meeting in Virginia right now. The 800 pound gorilla is the upcoming debt ceiling vote. Of course, they are explaining that there can be no confrontation over this. So they are trying to convince everyone to vote for it and what is your problem. Effectively, the staffers are the real […] read more

Gold Inventories

QUESTION: What about the gold inventory decline. Is this not significant? ANSWER: No. The inventory at COMEX has always been volatile. Inventories rise and fall without any leading indicator to price. Supplies will shift also between London and New York. Inventories dropped sharply after 1980 as well. Manipulators often play with the inventories of all […] read more

Windows 8

A reader in the field writes to correct the posts regarding Windows 8. To clarify, indeed, all systems since Windows 2000 phone home. What I object about with Windows 8 is that it now reports 3rd party programs that you install. Granted the theory is they are protecting you like government. This I find offensive […] read more

GATA & GOLD & Manipulations

Why people seem to think that I disagree with GATA I am not sure. I have had contact with Bill and Chris since at least 1999 over the years casually – not regularly. To the best of my knowledge they are NOT part of the crowd that claims there is no gold in Fort Knox. […] read more

Is there Gold in Fort Knox?

Is there gold in Fort Knox? That question is completely irrelevant. Why? Will it really make a difference? The stories of no gold in the vault are just spun by people so desperate to support a gold bull market it is just crazy. I was given a tour of the NY Fed years ago and […] read more

Interest Rate & Deficits – The Real Crisis

Many academics are truly amazing. They talk in circles, assume they are far above everyone else, and thus pontificate from the Ivory Tower without ever stepping foot out the door. There is a growing  consensus that deficits no longer matter. WHY? Because they cannot explain how government has run persistent deficits yet nothing has happened. Therefore, […] read more

How Europe Fails

Ever since the ECB issued a report that claims the south was richer than the north to get out of bailing them out, the reaction behind the curtain is very interesting. The talk in the south is now to demand reparations from Germany for World War II. What goes around comes around. There cannot be […] read more