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Interventionism & Panic of 1919

QUESTION: No one ever talks about the depression from 1920-1921, but as I recall in researching it the government and the Fed never intervened and just let things play out.    In the end this depression hurt for awhile, but was over very quickly and from that point on we had the roaring 20’s. You […] read more

Rising Interest Rates – Bullish for the Market

QUESTION:  Rates in US going high. Reasons? (right reasons?) Margin calls when markets melt down Fed stops QE It can´t be so simple, can it? Could you please explain more about this? Thanks for all. G.G. ANSWER: A central Bank is never really in charge of the interest rate. It get the credit for being […] read more

Rising Tide of Civil Unrest

Around the globe people are rising up as Socialism is collapsing. All the promises of a better life have allowed governments to grow like mold in a closed bag of bread. The youth have no future for as government continue to hunt down any money as the G8 leaders pledged to hunt down anyone who […] read more

If someone has nothing to hide – Why Care?

Question: You seem to like to bash he government quite a bit but, really you have never said how you would protect national security.   Really,  I could care less if the government spied on me while they where looking for the bad guys because I have nothing to hide.. So my question is whats the […] read more

Obama Fired Bernanke?

The talk of the town is President Barack Obama appears to have fired Ben Bernanke in a PBS interview broadcast on Monday. Obama told Charlie Rose that the Fed chairman has “already stayed a lot longer than he wanted or he was supposed to,” and exactly what he is up to now is interesting. Perhaps he […] read more

Congress wants Snowden’s Head – Not the NSA!

This is why we have to crash and burn. Congress is beyond hope be it Democrat or Republican – it is always them against the people. Congress wants to imprison if not kill Snowden for exposing their corruption not the NSA Transcript: Exclusive Interview With House Speaker John Boehner on NSA Leak, Immigration Reform And […] read more

Paranoid or Conservative

Securing Phone Calls and Emails should no longer be for the paranoid, but good old fashion conservative business & personal practices as long as people line Feinstein pretend to represent people instead of the government institution. We have no control over her. She was sent to do “God’s Work” like Goldman Sachs.   The problem […] read more

New World Order

One of the craziest conspiracy theories around is that the FED was specifically created to fund WWI and all subsequent wars. Then it is claimed that FED is owned by 100 families whose agenda is deliberately creating a New World Order. This idea that you can have some New World Order with everyone on the same page is just […] read more

The Untouchables & Politics Come 2016

The United States is being seen as just hopelessly corrupt and the next downturn in the economy is not merely going to come down on those in Congress always willing to write blank checks to bailout the bankers when Genius Fails as it always does in New York when it is really just bribing and […] read more

What’s Wrong with Anglo-Saxons?

Neither Hitler or Stalin and certainly not Mao could ever conquer Britain of the United States. The battle cry was always liberty and justice for all. But something has seriously changed. The attitudes of those in power are like some Evil Villain out to plot against the world and are so paranoid, they cannot sleep […] read more