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US – Italy – China

Of course, the USA stock futures and the dollar came under some pressure as the shutdown of the government appears more likely. Everyone knows this is just drama and posturing as if the USA would actually default. But hey, it is good for moving markets as the talking head talk to themselves so much, they […] read more

So What Does the Future Hold?

QUESTION:  Dear Martin, In your last post you say that sovereign debt crisis may be postponed for 8.6 years.  Would this delay the phase transition in the Dow and other US share markets.  Thank you for your posts, me and others I talk to read your blog everyday. Sincerely, JD ANSWER: Any postponement in the […] read more

Everything is a Cycle

COMMENT: Hello Mr. Armstrong, I’m a mechanical engineer and Trader by profession who grew up in Germany. About three years ago I stumbled across your story and since then I read every article from your website. Thank you very much for your continuous work to open the eyes of people! As I grow older (40 now) […] read more

Glen Downs Joining Our Blog

Glen Downs is a Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill working there for nearly 30 years. Glen sees what is coming and is also deeply concerned. He will be the first to tell you Congress will do nothing to prevent anything. While Glen is not into the forecasting role, he is behind the curtain and […] read more

Gold & New Currency

QUESTION:  Martin, On September 18th you wrote “That is until it is time for a new monetary system after all of these jokers are done trying to grab power.” What do you think the new monetary system will be based on. Many people claim that Russia and China will force the balance of international trade […] read more

Putin pens NYT op-ed urging ‘caution’ in Syria – Very Informative

Of course the American commentators are hurling nothing but insults at Putin for his Op-Ed in the New York Times. They dare to say with chemical weapons being used in Syria, he has no moral standing. Putin rightly points out that there is a serious casualty here and that will be the United Nations. “No […] read more

NSA is Destroying US Technology Industry – This will only cause less capital investment

Google is now in a state of panic with the latest revelation about the encryption invasion by the NSA. Google has torrents of information that flow among its data centers around the world. They are now rushing to thwart snooping by the NSA and others the company stated on Friday. The move illustrates the seriousness […] read more

Israeli military warn against U.S. attack: Thousands feared civilian deaths

The closest partner the US has in the region is Israel. Now even Israel has warned Obama that military action by the U.S. would result in thousands of civilian deaths. The Israeli military warned Obama that such a strike may leave behind thousands of civilian deaths.The French are presenting evidence of the guilt Assad, but even this […] read more

No SIngle Investment will Ever be Perpetual – It all changes

QUESTION: You compare gold and the Dow in 1980 and today. Are you saying stocks are better or are you referring to the difference in timing? ANSWER: There are cyclical periods for each and every aspect of investment. I talk about the gold promoters because they mislead people and tell them only gold will survive. […] read more

Email service used by Snowden shuts itself down, warns against using US-based companies

Glenn Greenwald has been championing Edward Snowden and has reported that the Email service used by Snowden has shut itself down, warning against using US-based companies: ‘Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, and the rest of our internet titans. He askes why have these companies rolled-over and are not fighting for our interests the same way. The […] read more