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Cycles & Obama’s Tax-Free Bonds

COMMENT:  Mr. Armstrong, I just wanted to say thank you. I’m basically a nobody except to my 5 children and wife (that’s all that matters to me anyway). I have limited market experience. The majority of experience I have is in business systems analysis, so making sense out of the global market was almost undoable […] read more

Electric Money will Eliminate Bank Runs

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Thank you so much for what you do. My son actually introduced you to me. He works in New York at a major bank and says everyone reads you because you actually have experience. He said there is talk about electronic money, but was not entirely sure why the banks are behind […] read more

Electronic Money – Coming Everywhere Sooner than you Think

When Larry Summers said interest rates should be negative, he was flying a balloon to see how it was taken. Negative interest rates are coming. When the economy turns down after 2015.75, they cannot lower rates that are already too low, so in their mind, they have to go negative. You will be taxed effectively […] read more

Dow Coming Phase Transition – Bull Market on Steroids?

QUESTION: Mr Armstrong, I have been a fan since 1998 and want to understand the concept of phase transition. If the Dow in Euros continues in a bull market while the value of the Euro is falling, then with the capital flows from EU into the perceived safe haven of the Dow, the Dow in Dollars must therefore […] read more

Comprehending the Trend in Motion

COMMENT: Like many, panicked out of market in October ’08, (lost on stocks value and currency) and did not get back in properly. Sovereign debt crises globally results in loss of confidence in own currency, but equal loss of confidence in other currencies. Although many talk about deflation, what we see is the constant rise in […] read more

MADMAX v Restructure

QUESTION: Hi Marty, You truly are the gadfly that Plato described of Socrates who kept pestering Greek government till they executed him but who Socrates commented that you are only killing the government and society more than you are killing me!  You talk of the collapse of the American empire sometime in 2032 analogous to […] read more

New World Order – Collapsing Economy

QUESTION: You do not believe in the New Work Order and the bankers orchestrating the collapse of the economy? JP ANSWER: Sorry no. The banks are in serious retreat. They have been caught manipulating various markets for short-term gains. They have to abandon commodity trading and Morgan Stanley just sold the energy trading to Russia. […] read more

Gold – The So Called Analysts Who Only Say BUY!

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, More and More so called “gold analysts” are getting bearish on the metals,Kitco is invaded with bear forecasts. If you would invest a few money,would you suggest to start accumulate some gold/silver stocks/etf  or would you rather still invest into the stock market? I’m trapped into gold/silver stocks and my losses […] read more

Best Trades Are Always Emotional

QUESTION: Hi Martin, Two questions for you. 1.  I’ve read you say something to the effect of your best trades were the ones where you wondered why the heck you just did what you did.  I have also found all my best trades scared the pants off of me right after I made them.  Why […] read more

China & the Dollar

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; It is true that China will stop supporting the dollar and will become a net seller? The Goldbugs are claiming the dollar is dead buy gold. But they seem to use every reason to justify only buying and it rarely proves to be true. If there’s anyone who knows what is really […] read more