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Emerging Market Debt Expanding Twice the Rate of 2016

The view that BREXIT is a creating uncertainty in Europe with the swell of populism, the demand for dollar denominated debt has been strong over the past year. This has led to more debt being racked up at a faster pace than ever in US dollars among emerging markets, which stood at about 50% of […] read more

Market Talk- April 24, 2017

Donald Trump’s tweet on Saturday for plans of a “big” tax reform announcement on Wednesday has probably been overshadowed by Sundays event. The first round victory for Macron and going head to head with Le Pen certainly propelled Europe, but may be questionable how much of an effect it had away from President Trumps tweet. […] read more

Market Talk – April 20, 2017

Financials, energy, and resources took Asian markets weaker early in the sessions but had reversed all by the close with only the Nikkei not managing a gain. The Yen lost a lot of momentum today having faded the 108.00 level and late this US evening plays around the 109.40 range. Data released from China has […] read more

Germany Building Free Housing for Refugees worth 3 million

In Germany, Martin Schultz wants to give refugees the right to vote. So if he cannot win with Germans, he wants to give the right to vote to refugees to win by bribing them. The German politicians are now giving them apartments they are constructing that cost about €3 million each. The construction costs actually come out […] read more

Market Talk- April 5th, 2017

After two days of national holidays, the main Shanghai index opened with strong buying demand with many anticipating positive comments when President Xi Jinping meets President Trump in Florida on Thursday. The Hang Seng also closed positive (+0.6%) but nowhere near the +1.5% seen for Shanghai. In Japan, the Nikkei recorded a higher close but […] read more

Mass Protests in Yemen Against Saudi Arabia

Two years after the start of the international war in Yemen, thousands of people in Sanaa have protested against the air raids of a Saudi-led military coalition. Protesters in the capital controlled by Houthi rebels waved Yemeni flags and called for chorus against “Saudi aggression”. The Saudis, led by the British along with the Americans, had been […] read more

Unless Healthcare is Revamped – Unemployment Will Rise

Healthcare costs have continued to outpace inflation and just about everything else within the economy. Generally speaking, prices rise when demand increases relative to supply. The scheme of Obamacare was to force the youth to buy healthcare they did not need to pay for everyone else. The fines have been less than the costs so many […] read more

The New American Coup – Media Leading Charge to Topple Government

There is clearly a coup unfolding led by the Democrats and the media. They will not accept Trump and are determined to destroy the government as we have known it. Sally Yates obviously pulled a political move by declaring that she would not execute Trump’s ban of the selected countries. She has no problem arresting […] read more

Market Talk – January 11, 2017

Although the Asian cash markets were reasonably strong today we did see a slight wobble in the Shanghai index. Japan cash closed +0.35% and Hang Seng even better at +0.85% but China’s main index closed down -0.8% all in relatively low volume day. However, this was ahead Trump’s first major press conference. Most of the […] read more

Confiscating Gold

The assault on gold is by no means casual. The hunt for money and the global effort to eliminate cash to be able to increase taxation is also targeting gold. All the sales pitches that gold will survive have ignored the fact that government is well aware of gold and people using it to store […] read more