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China Adopted our Capital Flow Models

COMMENT: The conference must have been exhausting, I know there is so much work and preparation that these events require. A lot to catch up on but firstly; I saw this headline yesterday and thought I would forward to you! If you ever needed assurance that China were following the model (which I know you […] read more

World Economic Conference XXV Starts Tomorrow

The seating for 300 at the Cycles of War Conference sold out and additional hundreds viewed it around the world live. The video streaming appears to work well – it was our first attempt at a worldwide broadcast. The feed seems to work for people in China, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, India, and the Middle […] read more

Another NY Trader Jumps to his Death

Another NY Trader jumps to his death in front of a train. The rash of suicides in the financial industry remain the buz of finance. Some say its the markets. Others say Bitcoin losses. Then others say the downturn in banks. It is probably all of the above and what I can say, unfortunately, it […] read more

The Corporate Buy-Back Trend – Right on Cue

History repeats not merely because human emotions never change, it seems we end up with the same decision process that leads to the same trends. People just love raining on the current parade as stocks rally when they missed the entire boat to begin with. The bearishness with the new highs in the S&P 500 […] read more

Is Obama Just Insane?

I have dealt with many governments in my life and I have come to understand you CANNOT and SHOULD NEVER put your opponent in a box publicly for his own political livelihood is then on the line and he MUST respond or be overthrown. This is simple common sense in international politics and I have […] read more

The Fourth Branch – DEEP STATE – In Plaint Sight

There has been the typical strategy to label anything that questions government’s ethics as the “conspiracy theory” so that it may still exist in plain sight. In most cases, there is a tool to further that goal of disinformation to allow corruption to exist in plain sight, yet denied. They use people who spin whatever real […] read more

Progress Report on Model & Services

  This has been a long-time coming and we greatly appreciate everyone’s patience. The progress we have made will blow most people’s minds. You will be able to speak to your LAPTOP or IPhone/Samsung Note and access reversals, charts, arrays, and forecasts for everything you see on the Global Market Watch. Phase II, we will […] read more

Global Warming & Snow Everywhere – Proof now of Global Warming? They Never Heard about Thermodynamics

COMMENT: Sir, Living in Switzerland and being aware of the little ice age that extended the local glaciers to significantly lower elevations, I was curious to look into the research of  Baliunas. As a citizen of Australia I was gobsmacked to read in the opening pages of this research that links considerably cold weather in […] read more

Ukraine – Becoming the Real Focal Point

Ambassador Michael McFaul to Russia has Resigned, not merely from his post, but from the Obama Administration. McFaul was never popular in Russia and was often accused of trying to stir a revolution there. But the word around is that he is getting out and does not like the turn of events. Besides the US sending tanks […] read more

Ukraine – Doomed After the Olympics

According to a former adviser to Vladimir Putin, the economist  Andrei Illarionov, the Kremlin will take one of three possible scenarios with respect to the Ukraine problem. The most dramatic will be the establishment of full control over the whole Ukraine. Within the first half of February, Illarionov states that Russia will begin the total pressure on Ukraine, […] read more