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Barclay’s Gold Manipulation & Dr. Evil

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I am a converted and repentant Goldbug. I have listened to the same hype all the way up and all the way down. They always blamed mysterious manipulators for their mistakes. What I understand from your explanation is that there is no grand plan of manipulation, it is always just trading […] read more

Dow & the Future

QUESTION: Hello Mr. Armstrong,  I am a big fan of your work. I read ALL of your blogs and have purchased some of your materials. You truly opened my eyes to how the world really works. I am unfortunately one of those public workers you talk about. I first hand see how my employers are having trouble […] read more

Crash or Collapse?

QUESTION: You hear the big talk at Davos was the next big crash.  Roubini,..etc all the big economists are calling for one in the next 24 months and say its due for this business cycle to have a crash in bonds and stocks. GB ANSWER: What I see is nothing like the traditional crash. First […] read more

Comment from a Reader on Gates – The Truth Comes Out When You Leave Office

COMMENT: Dear Mr. Armstrong, All I could think of was you after listening to Robert Gates’ response to the question about a serious threat to US national security. BOB SCHIEFFER: And welcome back to Face the Nation and as promised more from our interview with the former Defense Secretary and we pick up where we […] read more

Conspiracy – Or Just One Step at a Time?

QUESTION: You say there was no CIA plot in Ukraine and I can see that not even Britain was willing to send troops to Ukraine because of this popular story of a CIA instigated revolution. The feeling in Europe is precisely that. To defend Ukraine would be another Iraq and America cannot be trusted. Whilst […] read more

Are we Headed into Global Fascism?

Fascism has been a term applied to the manner of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator/bureaucracy that is unelected or a republic with pretend “lifetime” politicians,  controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government. Such systems have always placed the […] read more

Kerry Said NATO Territory will be defended to every Inch

The US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Russia today stating that NATO territory was inviolable and the alliance would defend every inch of it. But what does this actually mean? Ukraine is not part of NATO. Hence, he has stated in clear lawyer talk that they will not defend Ukraine. Kerry said: “We have to […] read more

World War III on the Horizon?

Russia and China are becoming closer thanks to Obama and his insane policies behind the NSA that have left America trying to find friends in a dark hour. The sanctions being imposed on Russia have sent China into its camp. The USA is finding it increasingly more difficult to be the bully in the school-yard. […] read more

The Secret Agenda

During the late 1970s, I was chairman of the American Gold Council for one year. I had to fly around the USA and do a media tour. It taught me a lot about how it is done. You fly into a city and you do the newspapers, radio, and TV shows. You hop on the […] read more

From South Korea

COMMENT: Mr Armstrong, Thank you for your recent pieces about South Korea. I have lived in Seoul for 10 years and regularly talk with educated people about the issue. Consensus seems to be that North Korea will not start a full-blown war because they have as much to lose as we have (not in nominal terms […] read more