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Edinburgh Seminar April 29, 1997 Transcript

  Princeton Economics International, Ltd. Edinburgh Transcript April 29, 1997     I would like to begin today with a brief overview as to how we at Princeton look at markets. For those of you who attended last year’s conference I will try to be as brief as possible.   Effectively, our models are based […] read more

FATCA & How It is Destroying International Commerce

One reader writes from Belgium: I’m a Belgian but worked  in the USA during  1987-1990 on an  expat assignment . My daughter was born in the USA and therefore has dual nationality ( USA  and  Belgian Citizenship). She is now 26 years old.  Her bank called a few weeks ago and told her  that they wanted to close her bank account […] read more

Are Markets Manipulated All the Time?

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Some people say you will not admit markets are manipulated all the time. Yet you stood up and had all the evidence that would have damned the whole lot of the New York bankers for manipulating markets. This is very confusing how you can be against them in public yet people claim […] read more

Global Warming Being Exposed as a Fraud

Global Warming seems to be in the same category with gold in the hands of the promoters – bedtime stories for children. Seven years ago former US Vice-President Al Gore’s warned everyone that the Arctic ice would be gone by now. Obama even wanted a commission to see if we could build a machine to […] read more

State of the World Trends

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, Firstly, I would like to thank you for discussing economic and political matters in an honest and frank manner.  It is difficult in the present world to find individuals with integrity, and I am aware that you have sacrificed a great deal in order to maintain yours.  As a student of […] read more

Manipulating Central Banks

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Are we watching the central banks trying to manipulate capital flows as they did in 1927 but reverse with European rates down and America up? I believe you are saying this is the case because Europe is in a major economic implosion. I am correct in this assessment? Thank you from Europe […] read more

Computer Modeling Depends upon the Input – UN Global Warming Model DEAD Wrong for 18 Years!

It does not matter what we talk about be it markets or climate. If the data you are putting in garbage, you get garbage out. When it came to economic, I began a quest to gather data from ancient times to see even how the rise and fall of empires have developed. Those who created […] read more

Europe Snubs Britain

It is increasingly becoming clear that the message to Britain is either join the euro or get out. Cameron took a stand that the EU had to reform after the rising tide in elections are clearly against the federalization of Europe that was witnessed in the UK and France. The agenda is to federalize Europe […] read more

Gold the Rally

The target for the June low seems to have been correct and this week was a Panic Cycle target. We saw the gold closing above 1295 and the first weekly closing above 1307, but the key resistance remains a weekly closing above 1355. The bounce is really seasonal, yet it is being explained as everything […] read more

Welcome the Federalization of One Europe to Save the Euro

COMMENT:  Hello Mr Armstrong, just want to share with you an interview today with Mr Draghi in the Dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ (June 21st 2014). I had google translated the text but made some modifications here and there. Hope you can still understand it. Draghi wants more power to Brussels, that’s quite clear from the […] read more