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The G20 Question from the Canadian Perspective

QUESTION: Martin, thank you very much for all that you have done for the middle class reader. I am a Canadian that only discovered you about a year ago. In this short time your teachings have still had a positive impact on my financial situation. I was one of the Gold believers but have sold most of my […] read more

Socrates v Watson

QUESTION: Good day Martin   I have been spending some time reading up on IBM’s Watson. As you probably know they are developing a thinking computer which thinks and learns as time goes on. They are creating an Echo system which will integrate healthcare, finance and the public sector with Watson.  IBM is spending over $1 […] read more

G20 Targets the Week of the Cycle of War

The G20 Leaders’ Summit for 2014 is being held on November 15th and 16th in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The principal meeting venue will be the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. There will be as many as 4,000 delegates and 3,000 media representatives in attendance. It is curious that the comes right in line with the turn […] read more

Setting the Stage for the Collapse in Metals – Gold Stocks

For a classic bottom in any market, you have to just reach the point where the majority believe that the market is dead and it will never recover again. This is the traditional development at a major historical low. Despite the ranting and screaming, ETF inventories in gold continue to drift lower with more than 110 […] read more

UBS & Manipulation

Of course, the hate mail comes in about UBS from the diehard goldbugs still clinging to hope yet arguing at the same time that the metals cannot go up because they alone are systemically suppressed. It is really amazing how these people refuse to accept reality, yet cling to a market they claim cannot rise. […] read more

Metals Perpetually Suppressed?

QUESTION: … Will the day come that you will admit that the precious metals are currently suppressed in a massive way to the downside, especially the relatively small market of silver? Kind regards, HB ANSWER: Sorry – that day will never arrive. It is pure BS used to sell the metals. Look at it this way. […] read more

Deflation – What is the Cause? PUBLIC or PRIVATE?

QUESTION: Hi Martin, You talk quite a bit about deflation in your comments, especially in Europe.  Can I assume you’re referring to monetary deflation arising from a slowdown in the velocity of money?  Which I’m guessing stems from banks using the plentiful money that’s available to them to purchase government bonds, using 30-1 leverage (as instructed by […] read more

World’s Oldest Bank Shares Suspended Twice During Trading Day

Monte dei Paschi shares were suspended twice throughout today. At one stage down 22% currently trading down 18%. Peripheral bond markets behaving themselves only Italian BTP’s were wider by 7bp’s. The European banking crisis is still in full bloom. What the ECB will not admit is that the design of the Euro lacking a single debt […] read more

Something Is Dangerously Wrong at the New York Fed

In a speech this week, New York Federal Reserve Board President William Dudley addressed pervasive misconduct within the financial industry, refusing to dismissively lay the blame on a few bad apples. “The problems originate from the culture of the firms, and this culture is largely shaped by the firms’ leadership,” Dudley said. He offered some interesting suggestions on industry compensation practices, […] read more

Awaiting ECB Stress Test – Good One

This coming Sunday will see the results of the ECB’s stress tests. Eagerly awaited by some, feared by others. Well it appears the only reason there was support for the European peripheral bond markets over the weekend was the fact that they were closed! From the opening this morning the trading theme was, “risk-off”. The talk […] read more