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Stock Market – Has the Bull Been Replace with the Pink Bunny?

QUESTION: Marty; I do find it curious how Barron’s quoted your forecast for new highs in 2011, and you seem to be the only person who was correct, yet they constantly turn to people who have never been right to talk bearishness about the market. You once wrote that the Wall Street Journal refused to […] read more

Negative Interest Rates Coming to USA – But Wait! Banks or You?

QUESTION: Martin, Continued blessings for publishing your remarkable insights.  Will the banks pass on their negative interests rates to the depositors? What will be the effect of depositors removing their cash from the banks? Thanks M ANSWER: In the US, the talk behind the curtain is to impose negative interest rates on the consumer. Banks have […] read more

The $19 Trillion in Retirement Accounts

QUESTION: Thank you for your blog.  You put a lot of work and knowledge into it.  Again, thanks. When you talk about $19 Trillion in pensions in the USA I take that to mean “pensions.” But then you said “retirement accounts” or retirement savings”, which may include IRAs. Do you foresee all forms of tax-advantaged savings […] read more

Liquidity Collapse – FATCA, Manipulations, or Both?

QUESTION: Marty; do you think that the decline in liquidity is linked to all the manipulations that you fought against are now being exposed? You warned that with the decline in liquidity volatility will rise. It is interesting to watch the lower gold goes the more these people seem to hate you. Thanks AM ANSWER: There […] read more

Definition of Hyperinflation

I have answered this question many times that the definition of hyperinflation as thrown around being 26% based upon accounting standards does NOT match the historical examples that will end society pointing to Germany. The USA had inflation at 20% into 1980 and we currently have asset inflation in the 26%+ area. A Phase Transition […] read more

You Are Not Alone

QUESTION:  Martin, One of my friends who reads you said reading your stuff is like getting a graduate level course in political economics.  You’ve said that various colleges have asked that you teach.  You should suggest to them that they simply require their students to read your on line postings. I am curious as to […] read more

Gold & the Black Market & $50,000

QUESTION: Martin, I’ve written you a few times and greatly appreciate the replies and posts on your blog. As I have mentioned before, I worked for a metals dealer that traded on margin and caught a substantial amount if heat for being a bear w silver at 50 and gold at 1900+. I shorted silver the […] read more

Precious Metals

QUESTION: Hi Martin, As someone who was taken in by the gold and silver bugs and went all in 3 years ago I am now left out of pocket and can’t sell my investments as I’d lose nearly half. As I am only a small time investor how much longer do I now have to wait […] read more

Free Press = Freedom to Comply with Government or Jail Time

QUESTION:  Martin, Concerning World Trade Center Building 7 and the missing Trillion dollars, my questions are: 1) Why has the media never discussed this, 2) What happened to the Trillion dollars, 3) Who was the President when the money went missing? Thanks for keeping us informed as to what is really happening around the world. […] read more

Is the New World Order Cracking Apart?

Amazing, but some people have sent quotes attributed to R. Bildeberg claiming he will dominate the world. The Bildebergs are not named after a person some people have been making up these wild quotes. It was a Hotel where the first meeting was held. The quotes are fake. The first meeting was organized by late […] read more