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COMMENT: Marty, you were the first to report that there was a State of Emergency in Frankfurt ahead of the media. I find this very curious for what does this say about the media? Thank you REPLY: We may be the most international firm ever for we have clients and readers in absolutely every nook […] read more

Political Analysis

Political Forecasting Political forecasting is critical to the overall economic modeling. Our model is the only thing that correctly forecast both BREXIT and that Trump would win. Revolutions, coups, and political unrest disturb the trends in assets and currencies not to mention introduction political risk for capital investment. Attempting to introduce poll results into political […] read more

Trial by Ice – Not Fire – The New Ice Age Cometh?

  Hey – it is snowing in Mexico City. In the 2012 Maya Report, We published the natural cycles that are most concerning. About every 11 years with the Sunspot Cycle, the poles flip polarity on the sun. I provided the evidence obtained from the lava flows at the bottom of the sea that confirm the […] read more

The End of 30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgages?

The Treasury Department is looking to wind down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but without these organizations, there would be few buyers for 30-year fixed rate mortgages in the secondary markets. The 30-year mortgage was created during the Great Depression as part of the New Deal to help revitalize the real estate market. Prices have […] read more

Russia’s Central Bank Biggest Buyer of Gold

  COMMENT: Hello old friend. I really cannot believe how naive these goldbugs are about the real world. Russia’s buying of gold is not a bullish gesture for gold whilst it is merely because the Obama administration is trying to get the Russians to overthrow Putin. Shutting down Russians from commerce only sends them to […] read more

The Forecaster Movie – The Bankers & Russia

  At the Amsterdam debut of the Forecaster, a rather high up person from Russia Attended. After watching the film, he was in shock. He said this has to be shown in Moscow. It deals with one of the most talked about topics in Russia back in the day. The film will debut in Russia. I […] read more

CONFIDENCE – Always the Key to the Crash & Burn

The crisis in the Euro is leading to an extreme bubble in government bonds as central banks move to this crazy idea of negative interest rates. The attack on Denmark to abandon the peg to the Euro continues. Now we are seeing even Sweden is cutting its rates below zero. These central banks have no […] read more

Solutions Conference – March 28th at Princeton, NJ

The Solution’s Conference is being moved up and made available for everyone via a live stream on the web. Because we can all “feel” 2015.75 coming this time, it is obviously important to get the debates started there as well. We are also working on a bill to be introduced into Congress as to also […] read more

Socrates Status Report & Vancouver

QUESTION:  Dear Martin, As a person of average means, I am wondering if you would consider offering a basic affordable service to guide those of us who are just trying to have something to retire on. Something like, “Hold onto your blue chip stocks for now.” Or, “It’s time to sell your municipal bonds and buy […] read more

Why Central Banks Buy Equities

  Why are central banks buying equities outright and trading futures? Very simple – EURO CRISIS! I have reported that central banks have been buying equities because there is a real crisis underway in central bank reserves. Behind the curtain, they need diversity because the Euro Crisis has creates a Reserve Crisis. There is no […] read more