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Global Warming: Weather Is the Newest CIA Weapon

The CIA loves to waste money, dreaming up schemes for fights that are just not real. They are listening to academics talk about global warming and are living in fear that perhaps Russia is manipulating the weather to create floods and droughts. There goes countless billions down the academic hole to create a top secret weather machine […] read more

The Peak in Government – Big Bang – 2015.75

Above is the front page of The New York Times on June 9, 2015. They are starting to talk about the problem in government. This is a total mess. Indeed, we are going to have to restructure everything from top to bottom. Meanwhile, those in Washington are too preoccupied with playing king of the mountain to […] read more

Services & Pricing

We will soon release Phase One of Socrates this month as was demonstrated at the Solution Conference. Yes, it has taken longer than expected but we had to be sure the transition to the Web Access would work as seamlessly as possible. We will not be able to open up the ability to talk and […] read more

The Graying of Society & Why the US Economy is doing better than Most

Why is the USA better off in some respects to Europe and Asia? They are calling it the “Graying of Society”. The problem is rather stark: the socialistic system never counted on the collapse in birth rates and a greater life expectancy increase. This is wreaking havoc on the fiscal budgets of governments everywhere, yet […] read more

Gold – China – Here We Go Again

QUESTION:    Hi Martin, I was “of one mind” when it came to gold and silver and the shisters that clam “manipulation to the downside,” “gold is going to 5K,” and “gold has bottomed” and on an on. Your site is the only source of information that I trust anymore and thanks to you I […] read more

The Coming Crash of All Crashes – but in Debt

Why are governments rushing to eliminate cash? During previous recoveries following the recessionary declines from the peaks in the Economic Confidence Model, the central banks were able to build up their credibility and ammunition, so to speak, by raising interest rates during the recovery. This time, ever since we began moving toward Transactional Banking with the […] read more

ECM Observations = Always Fascinating

COMMENT: Hi Martin, Fantastic data and research (as always).  I was kind of surprised (never made the connection) by one of the images you posted. Your image shows the Eurozone peaking in 2004.53.  There are a few circular events that also occurred around that time. Greece was about to host the Olympics for the first […] read more

Change Never Comes Without the Pain

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I can talk till I’m blue in the face and it just does not matter! I say to people they are going to ban cash because of taxes and cash is not traceable, try as I might 1 out of 50 people see it. What a shame. I agree when you say […] read more

The Forecaster – the World v USA

  It is incredible the stark difference between the United States even allowing the movie to show and just about everywhere outside the USA. The NY banks control the courts, Congress, and the press – the American Oligarchy. Even the theater in Princeton has refused to show the movie where my family would have liked […] read more

The 6th Wave

  QUESTION: Marty, I remember you displaying a chart on the fall of Rome and the ECM. Do you have that one to show again? KW    ANSWER: Here is that chart. The last Sixth Wave marked the peak in the Roman Empire. Every historian has drawn the line to mark the beginning of the […] read more