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Democratic Debate: Hillary Made Student Loans Non-Dischargeable in Bankruptcy & Bernie Wants More Taxes

QUESTION: Marty, any comment on the Democratic debate? ANSWER: The debate was boring, pandering, with no vision or reality! Everyone said Hillary won. Bernie Sanders is a fool and wants to make everything free at the expense of the 1%, as if they could fund the entire government and population. When I was in Vermont for the TED […] read more

Did Gold Survive the Depression?

Some people totally confuse gold and money. During the Great Depression, we were on a gold standard. During a decline, ALL assets will decline against whatever is money, just as money declines during a boom. You need to separate MONEY from gold or you will never understand how the economy functions and you will buy gold when you […] read more

A Vision for the Youth

In Paris, one of the top schools selected three students to appear of French TV with me to talk about the future. The pressing question was clear: what can they do to change things? In France, banking is taught from a limited perspective of simply a commercial banking operation. They do not explain the role of […] read more

Bye Bye Hillary? Or a Fight to the Bitter End?

Hillary’s dream of becoming the first woman president is evaporating rapidly. She leads Bernie Sander by only 8 point in New Hampshire when she was supposed to be the big name and her coronation as the next Democratic candidate was claimed to be the safest bet in Washington. But her obstruction of justice has violated everything from […] read more

Reality Check

Over the weekend, The Financial Times reported that Beijing would abandon its large-scale share purchases. This story sparked declines in China’s A-listed shares, although the Shanghai Composite pared losses to close 0.8 percent down. Then there is Jackson Hole and how amazingly stupid people are who do not understand what the Fed has been saying […] read more

Answering Questions on Gold

QUESTION: Marty, it appears you are correct once again in gold that this rally would not reverse the trend. The gold promoters have been all over the place claiming gold has bottomed and the stock market and the world will go to zero because of fiat. Is there a number we should be watching below […] read more

Gold Has NOT Bottomed Yet

Gold elected a Monthly Bearish Reversal today at 1155. We have some support down at the 1042 level for now. Technical support for August lies at the 1029 level. We will be issuing the update on gold for those who purchased last year’s report by the end of the month to cover the downside. This […] read more

Putin’s Speech – Tax Free Corporates for 4 Years

COMMENT: Well it looks like Putin is doing more than reviewing your film to approve its release in Russia. He is reading your  blog. His speech today is offering tax free status for corporations exactly for your 4 year period into 2020. He only talks about the Silk Road joining with China. BW REPLY: Yes, […] read more

So Why Are Bankers Never Personally Criminally Charged?

In the latest scandal where five major banks agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges brought by the U.S. Department of Justice for manipulating the foreign exchange rates of the U.S. dollar and euro, only the corporations were changed ­– not the bankers – be they traders or executives. The banks were Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase, […] read more

Everything is Complexity = Strength

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I was reading Wired and then I read your example of three states of government. I suddenly realized you discovered something that was unbelievable. You constantly mention that everything is complex like an onion. I know you have also a physics background. You talk about chaos and patterns upon patterns. I read […] read more