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Fausta – Wife

Flavia Maxima Fausta Wife of Constantine Daughter Maximianus Mother of Constantine II, Constantius II and Constans Flavia Maxima Fausta was the daughter of Maximianus. In 307 AD, when she was about seventeen, she was married to Constantine the Great in order to seal his alliance with the regime of her father and her brother,Maxentius, in Rome. On this occasion […] read more

Constantine I – 309-337 AD

Constantine I The Great 307 – 337AD Flavius Valerius Constantinus was the son of Constantius I Chlorus by his first marriage with Helena, known to Christians as St Helena. Constantine was born at Naissus in Upper Moesia on February 27th. The year is not quite certain, however, it was either 280 – 282 or 272 – 273 AD. As […] read more

Martinian – 324 AD

Martius Martinianus 324 AD Martius Martinianus was a leading general under Licinus I prior to the final showdown between Licinius and Constantine in 324 AD. As fate would have it, the two armies of Constantine and Licinius met at Hadrianopolis on July 3rd. Constantine won a major victory and Licinius fled across the Bosphorus along […] read more

Valens – 314 AD

Aurelius Valerius Valens 314 AD Appointed co-Emperor with Licinius I Aurelius Valerius Valens was a general under Licinius I. The relationship between Constantine and Licinius had broken down. The two co-Emperors were now headed into direct conflict with the victor destined to rule the Roman World. Constantine and Licinius were to fight two major battles […] read more

Licinius II Caesar – 317-324 AD

Licinius II 317-324 AD Valerius Licinianus Licinius (II) was the son of Licinius I co-Emperor and rival of Constantine the Great. He was raised to the rank of Caesar on March 1st, 317 AD at the same time as Crispus and Constantine II. Following the victory of Constantine the Great over the forces of Licinius I in 324 AD, the lives […] read more

Constantia – Wife

Constantia Wife of Licinius I Daughter of Constantius I & Theodora Half-sister of Constantine the Great Constantia was the daughter of Constantius I Chlorus and his second wife, Theodora. She was one of six children born by Theodora which made her the half-sister of Constantine I the Great who had been born of Helena, his father’s first wife. Constantia was married […] read more

Licinius I – 308-324 AD

Licinius I 308-324 AD Valerius Licinianus Licinius was born in Upper Moesia sometime during the middle of the 3rd century AD. Licinus began with a career in the military which eventually proved to be quite fruitful. He served under the Emperor Galerius rising to the position of a trusted lieutenant and even became a friend of the […] read more

Alexander – 308-311 AD

L. Domitius Alexander 308-311AD Prefect of Africa L. Domitius Alexander was the Prefect of Africa who led a revolt in 308AD against the tyranny of the Italian usurper Maxentius in North Africa. Maxentius’ position was unanimously declared illegal by the Tetrarchy at the Carnuntum Congress, where they also declared him to be a public enemy. Maxentius’ territory […] read more

Romulus – Son

Romulus Died 309 AD Romulus was the young son of Maxentius, who died in 309 AD. Romulus was deified by his father and the Temple of Romulus was constructed in the Roman Forum next to theTemple of Faustina. The coinage issued in his name (often showing his temple on the reverse) belongs to a series of commemorative folles […] read more

Maxentius – 306-312 AD

Maxentius 306 – 312 AD Son of Maximianus Son-in-law of Galerius Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maxentius was born in 279 AD, the son of the joint Emperor Maximianus with his wife Eutropia. Despite his birth status and his senatorial rank, Maxentius was passed over twice in the succession to the throne. In 305 AD, when both Diocletian and his father retired from office, […] read more