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Computer Demands Humility

Armstrong 1985 with IBM XT COMMENT: Fantastic examples in the final version (free-markets-are-natures-design). You need to keep connecting the dots until the person finally sees something, even if it isn’t the whole. Then again, can anyone see the whole? I find it fascinating that the computer gives you dates (dots), but you have to wait until […] read more

Conservatives for Big Government

Glen Beck’s piece in the National Review has really pissed off a lot of people. He has taken the “elite” position and claims that Trump is not a conservative. “Politically orphaned by their party, conservatives were forced to either stay home or hold their noses and vote for a progressive Republican,” Beck wrote. Quite honestly, […] read more

Super Tuesday II – The Coming Split of the Republican Party

A Republican Party split is looking much closer after today. Trump won Florida, Rubio’s home state, and that led Rubio to drop out. However, Trump was denied a victory in Ohio, which was won by its own sitting governor, John Kasich. This will make it very difficult for Trump to win the necessary delegates for a first […] read more

The Republicans Declare War on Trump & Condemn Republican Party

The Republicans have declared war on Trump simply because they fear that any outsider will cut them off from rolling in the perks. They have attacked Trump personally and have demonstrated that they are brain dead. This is no longer about Trump as an individual. They are simply ignoring why the people have voted for […] read more

Republican Party Civil War of Self-Destruction

As we head into 2017, we are looking at the entire world coming undone at the seams. The year 2017 will be the political year from hell because the trend that is unfolding is global. The establishment Republicans are fighting for control of the party to ensure Trump does not get the nomination. Some even […] read more

Australia Is Hunting for People Who Use Business Cars to Go to Sports Games

COMMENT: Hi Marty, I have followed your work for more than 7 years now and it is fair to say that you have opened my eyes and mind to how the world and global economy really functions. This morning on my way to work I read an article in a major newspaper here in Melbourne […] read more

The Postponement – Slingshot Move

QUESTION: Marty, at the Conference you said we could conclude this in the first quarter if we get the alignment. It does not look like we will get the alignment since gold is up and the Dow is down. This is why you have been saying this looked like it was postponing into 2017? ANSWER: […] read more

Gold & the Rally

The talk of the town is that gold can see more upside if rates decline. That seems to be at odds with the view that gold is a hedge against inflation since lower rates reflect more deflation. The confusion seems to really be in the relationships. Gold is rising simply because the stock market has declined. […] read more

Why Pegs to the US$ Will Break

Speculation is, at last, starting to rise that the HK$/US$ peg could break. The all-powerful governments are suddenly being seen as no so powerful. The massive dollar rally that our model has been forecasting is rather straight-forward. The higher the US$ rises, the more deflation will be exported to economies that are out of sync […] read more

Goldman Sachs Fined $5 Billion but is Still Above the Law

Goldman Sachs is finally paying a price (money) for the role it played in the 2007 mortgage scandal, but of course, nobody is going to jail, which proves that Goldman remains above the law. The Wall Street firm agreed to only a civil settlement of up to $5 billion with federal prosecutors and regulators arising from its marketing and selling […] read more