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From Behind the Wall – Mexico

US-Mexico Border in Arizona COMMENT: Greetings from the other side of the Wall (i.e. Mexico) Mr Armstrong! First, I would like to thank you for what you do, as a young person committed with helping the world thrive I cannot tell you how empowering it was to discover your work and get to know your story, […] read more

Victoriatus Hoard Available now for Christmas

SOLD OUT Available at the WEC We have another hoard available of the early Roman coinage from the Second Punic War. These are the Greek denominations forming the first two-tier monetary system in the known world. Such hoards are rare today so the opportunities to obtain such specimens are becoming far and few between. Prior […] read more

Gates & Our Dark Future

  For months, I have been getting info from behind the curtain where there are still people who are against this entire agenda. I refrained from publishing most of what I heard not that it was wrong, but it was so far-fetched it certainly seemed like a conspiracy theory. This push using COVID for a […] read more

Brennan Confirmed RussiaGate was Created by Hillary

The amount of information coming out about this entire Soft Coup against Trump and how Hillary Clinton manufactured everything to distract people from the destroyed emails which were all obviously incriminating as all these foreign governments suddenly contributed to the Clinton Foundation, but then cut off all funding as soon as she lost the election. […] read more

The Hunger Stones Have Appeared

While the Global Warming fanatics are out in force saying “see” the heat in Europe is caused by humans driving their cars around, they continue to ignore history. The extreme heat in Europe this year is part of a cycle. The swings from extreme heat to extreme cold are also not unheard of. Another piece […] read more

The Confusion & the 180-Degree Turn

The market will come to a decision probably in Feb/March about just how crazy Biden will get. The greatest fear is they will pump up the numbers of COVID to justify a national lockdown following the WHO and Europe which is really all about crushing the economy for the purpose of Build Back Better green. […] read more

Were the Crusades just for Plunder & Money?

QUESTION: Were the Crusades inspired by economics? You mentioned how Venice looted Constantinople. Thank you for making history interesting KR ANSWER: To understand the Crusades, we have to first look at what was the original justification. The Catholic Church encouraged pilgrimages from the 4th century, but they began really during the 1st-2nd century and built in […] read more

What Really Causes Inflation & Deflation?

QUESTION: why national debts eventually default Martin to answer this question you said: we need to introduce currency. France and Germany were less impacted by converting to the Euro than Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Why? Currency Inflation! My question is if it is not the quantity of money that is making $1 million buy […] read more

Legal Reform – Learning From the Mistakes of the Past

Typically, the first thing society addresses that sparks a revolution is the abuse of justice. Shakespeare’s famous quote, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers,” is not actually about lawyers. You have to understand the context. Private individuals were not allowed to have lawyers in those days – only the king could have lawyers. It was not until […] read more

Manchin Votes No on Build Back Better

Sen. Joe Manchin has announced that he won’t support President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better package. The West Virginia Democrat, who has tried negotiating with the White House on the massive social spending bill, has said that he is a no vote on the legislation. “I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. I just […] read more