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Market Talk – September 14th, 2017

We really needed some data to support recent Asian moves and sadly that was not fourth coming today. China’s numbers missed on Investment, Industrial Production and Retail Sales so should be no surprised we reversed recent gains. Investment was expecting a number north of 8 (actually looking for 8.2) but was released at 7.8 for […] read more

Market Talk- September 6th, 2017

A lot of the talk in Asia was surrounding concerns over the continued and unsurprising decline in the KOPSI. Today it fell again (-0.3%) with industrials and core exporters leading the decline making this the fifth day sellers have taken the lead role. The Nikkei lost for another day, but this time only a small […] read more

Market Talk- August 21st, 2017

The news of Steve Bannon’s departure on Friday came too late for Asia and so cash markets readjusted in this mornings session. We did see a little move back into the JPY again, but much of that move was Friday evening and so today was a combination of the remnants of this and the concerns […] read more

Market Talk- August 2, 2017

  Asia found renewed support from the surprise Apple result with a beat of both numbers and units. A worth note here was the size of options traded upon the results – looks like market-makers were running short into the release! This released just after the US close yesterday but is a great way to start […] read more

Market Talk- July 31, 2017

Energy, Industrials and Financials were the sectors leading the Hang Seng in todays trading and we highlight those because it closed up almost 1.3%; not bad for a Monday! Hang Seng helped much of these gains after better than expected results and the announcement of share buybacks. The core Shanghai also closed better (+0.65%) but […] read more

Market Talk- July 25, 2017

Another mixed session for Asia but we did see a healthy bounce in the ASX as the currency behaved itself. We did see better levels during the trading session for the Nikkei but could not be held for the close. Those loses have been reversed in US trading as futures follow the healthy US market […] read more

Market Talk- July 17th, 2017

The better than expected GDP release we saw from China was unfortunately, only a positive influence for a short period, then profit taking and summer liquidity took over. Shanghai has had a good run so far but having had the Index inclusion and probably suffering from a stronger currency. Second quarter released at 6.9% compared […] read more

Market Talk- July 5th, 2017

Refreshingly, the markets tended to ignore geopolitical tensions escalating around North Korea after the recent missile test. All core markets returned positive today with China performing for both markets. The Shanghai recovered early weakness and closed up 0.75% on the day, whilst in Hong Kong the large cap’s weighed much on the shine but still […] read more

Market Talk- June 29th, 2017

A strong follow-on for Asia after the positive day seen for US markets yesterday. Although a lot of the talk in Europe surrounded regulations, in Asia they followed directions from three central banks – Europe, UK and Canada – as rhetoric talked of positivity. It is interesting how the market apparently “misinterpreted” Mr Draghi’s speech […] read more

Market Talk- June 28, 2017

Following-on from the weak US session, Asia drifted in sympathy. The news from the US Senate, after their markets had closed, worried Asia as they responded to the news. On the whole core markets were lower, the exception being a +0.7% increase in the Australian ASX. Shanghai and the Hang Seng closed around -0.6% lower. […] read more