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Month-End Closing

The Canadian dollar elected Monthly Bullish Reversals at the close of April, suggesting that we can now see a rally up to the 82-83 level. Keep in mind that last year’s high was 86.03. Therefore, there is plenty of room for a continued reaction as the markets push everything to the limit. In the euro […] read more

Why Government Cannot Create Inflation

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I have listened to the gold propaganda and believed in it initially but with time they always say the same thing and nothing happens. One would think that this helicopter money should have produced inflation. This effort has failed as Japan and Europe keep moving negative punishing people for not spending. Now […] read more

401K Coming Crisis – Robbing Your Future for Govt. Employees

401K is a Private Retirement Fund under US Law QUESTION: Martin, I’m still fairly young, so I don’t have a lot saved in my retirement accounts yet, but I’ve been maxing out my IRA for the last few years to get the tax deduction. I worry because I’ve heard you and others talk about congress wanting […] read more


  There is talk that Obama may go to Britain to express support for Cameron’s position on Britain remaining in the EU, even though it will surrender its sovereignty to do so. The USA would NEVER agree to such terms itself. How could anyone tell Britain to surrender its very soul to the insanity of […] read more

Making Up More Lies to Justify Biased Nonsense

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I happen to be an anti-trust lawyer. Your piece on the airlines was on point. I am also interested in the precious metals. Recently, one of the “promoters” said you did not know anything about anti-trust. That to me proved these people just say anything and lack the integrity or knowledge about […] read more

Truth about Politics

Obama came to office yelling about “fat cat bankers” and “corporate jet owners.” He then rescinded all the Dodd-Frank restraints against the bankers, and Goldman Sachs was the largest donor behind the University of California. Whatever these politicians say they stand for during an election, you can bet is pure bullshit. Whatever they say they […] read more

The Other Side of a Phase Transition

QUESTION: Dear Marty, Whether in a Phase-transition or a Slingshot Move in the Dow, you made it very clear that such moves will be driven by capital inflows to the USA due to the alternative flight to quality to the private sector, both internationally and domestically. It is now just so obvious, it is unfolding […] read more

Cruz losing Support of Fellow Republicans

Proof that Ted Cruz is very much disliked among Republicans was demonstrated over the Planned Parenthood issue. Cruz is being ignored in Congress. On Monday night, Republicans ignored Cruz’s attempt to disrupt Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s efforts to fund the government without attacking Planned Parenthood. This incident demonstrates that Cruz would not have the support of his […] read more

Why Are the U.S. Elections So Important?

Those in Washington like to blow their own horn by claiming the American president is the “leader of the free world,“ but all they do is talk among themselves and the journalists covering politics in Washington who do not actually investigate anything. Let’s just look at this chart as if it were a market. Notice that […] read more

Sanders Beats Hillary in Wyoming; Trump Loses Colorado

Bernie Sanders continues to nip at Hillary’s heels and is preventing her from winning an uncontested coronation. Cruz beat Trump in Colorado but cannot possibly win the nomination. Cruz does not have the support among the elite Republicans who neither like nor trust him. Talk about a wild election. If Trump moves to Libertarian and […] read more