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Is Bill Clinton Losing It?

The whole meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton calls into question the judgment of both people. Lynch should have declined the meeting and Bill should never have asked to meet her. Why? Sources from Hollywood say Bill is losing it. He is not as sharp as he used to be and he may be on […] read more

FBI To Clear Clinton by Democratic Convention

The talk behind the curtain is that the fix with the Justice Department and Obama is in. Proof that the whole EMAIL scandal with Clinton is already fixed will be that the the FBI will clear her by the Democratic Convention the week of July 25th. Once that takes place, this will  confirm this is […] read more

China’s Reserves & the Flight of Money

All we have been hearing are claims that if China sends the dollar flooding back to America, the dollar will become worthless and hundreds of businesses will go broke overnight. The gold promoters put out such wild claims and have no idea what they are saying or the type of world that would unfold. It is […] read more

BREXIT Polls at 55% – Will the Euro Crash & Burn?

We provided this chart in our BREXIT Report which says it all. For all the scare mongering how Britain will be worse off if it leaves the EU, this chart demonstrates how the politicians are lying. Britain has seen only declining economic growth since it joined the EU and these are the British government’s own […] read more

Mining Shares

COMMENT: Mr Armstrong; what do you think about mining shares? REPLY: I do not have the time to talk about every market and every move. We do have mining shares in the system. The computer is better than anyone could possibly be for there is too much to watch and there are too many personal biases […] read more

Hillary’s Bad Week

Crooked Hillary, as she is starting be known as even behind the curtain, is really helping Trump because many Republicans who did not like Trump see her as just outright evil. Hillary is now falling behind Trump in national opinion polls. She is so out-of-touch that her age group may want to see a woman in the […] read more

India Joining Cashless Society – Pulling the Plug on Govt.

COMMENT: it is just chaos by politicians destroying the future. cashless society …how did u see this just amazing.I never thought it is coming to india as indians believed in hard MONEY sir. thank you for your knowledge i think in future u should create an AI to help the people show the path. Coz there is […] read more

Why Taxes are Obsolete

My TED Talk. They reworked the sound which for some reason had problems originally. read more

Confused? When Will This End?

QUESTION: Dear Martin, First of all, thank you for your daily blogs. First thing I read every morning. I can’t wait to attend Novembers Orlando conference. My question is about the inverse relationship of Gold(precious metals) and the Dollar. Looking at historical charts it would suggest that we may continue to see a price decrease in […] read more

Trump leading Hillary – Getting Interesting

The latest poll now places Trump ahead of Hillary 45 to 42. The storm continues to brew in the Democratic Party and our models show there should be a Republican victory. The Democrats appear to be going with Hillary who has over a 50% rating as being dishonest. On top of that, she is simply […] read more