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The Cultural Trends of Women in Politics during the Roman Empire

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I assume you would know the answer. Is it true that the women in ancient times were more like Hillary seeking power compared to modern times? JF ANSWER: Yes, I have heard this assertion before. It is only partially true. Unquestionably, the first woman of Eastern culture to act politically was […] read more

Alexius I Comnenos (c. 1048; 1081 – 1118AD)

Monetary History of Byzantium   ALEXIUS I 1081-1118 Alexius I Comnenos (c. 1048; 1081 – 1118AD) was Byzantine emperor from 1081 to 1118 yet he inherited a collapsing empire. Byzantium faced constant warfare against Seljuq Turks in Asia Minor and the French in the western Balkans.  Alexius also faced the collapsed on the monetary system. […] read more

Severus Alexander – 222-235AD

Severus Alexander 222-235 AD Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander was originally named Alexianus. He was born about 208 AD. Alexander was the son of Julia Mamaea and Gessius Marcianus. At the insistence of his grandmother, Julia Maesa, Severus was adopted by his cousin and was adopted by his cousin Elagabalus in 221 AD making him the legal heir to the throne. […] read more

Lockdowns Intentionally Reducing Population & Crushing Economy

  Dr. David Nabarro has been vocal about the dangers of lockdowns as people have been dying of heart attacks, cancer, and other issues because they have been denied healthcare all because of COVID. On the other hand, he has been clearly under pressure to rephrase his warnings.     Nabarro has qualified his statements […] read more

COVID – A Convenient Virus

German researchers have disagreed with the WHO which claimed Wuhan lab was not the source of the virus. This virus was planned and the action of the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates selling out positions and even bonds from December 2019 into January 2020 and then warnings that Klaus Schwab made to intimates reflect […] read more

Roman Republican Hoard for Sale of Victoriati

Available at the WEC We have another hoard available of the early Roman coinage from the Second Punic War. These are the Greek denominations forming the first two-tier monetary system in the known world. Such hoards are rare today so the opportunities to obtain such specimens are becoming far and few between. Prior to the […] read more

Demonizing China & Russia – A Covert Means to Justify War?

QUESTION #1: Mr. Armstrong; The latest conspiracy is claiming that the Chinese are behind the coronavirus and it was a biological weapon. The new twist is the claim there is a “Gain of Function” attribute they engineered. The claim now asserts that there is peer-review citing a study Antiviral Research (Vol. 16, April 2020) entitled, […] read more

The World View

The year 2015 was 13 years up from the 2002 low in the stock market following the DOT.COM bubble. That low was rather significant for many markets have yet to exceed that 2000 nominal high, such as in France. This has warned, as was the case in gold from 2011, that a correction became possible. […] read more

The Financial Crisis 1992-1993

QUESTION: Marty, it is well known here in Britain that you advised Thatcher of course, but it was John Major you advised and even wrote what he said during the pound crisis and the Soros attack. Would you ever like to comment on that in public about what really happened during that crisis. The press will […] read more

What Really Causes Inflation & Deflation?

QUESTION: why national debts eventually default Martin to answer this question you said: we need to introduce currency. France and Germany were less impacted by converting to the Euro than Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Why? Currency Inflation! My question is if it is not the quantity of money that is making $1 million buy […] read more