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Evidence of International Trade from the 12th Century

Some Archaeologists in France with the National Center for Scientific Research announced that they have unearthed a hoard of 2,200 silver deniers and oboles, 21 Islamic gold dinars, a very impressive gold signet ring from the Abbey of Cluny, located in Saône-et-Loire, reported by Mining. While they have claimed this is the largest hoard and seem […] read more

Market Talk- November 28th, 2017

Asia responded to an uncertain US session with its own uncertainty! The Nikkei was almost unchanged despite the move back into the Yen. The currency traded back toward the 111 level but stopped shy by only a few Sen. The Hang Seng alos closed almost unchanged but we saw a small positive move back for […] read more

Market Talk – November 9th, 2017

Finally we saw a little profit-taking in the Nikkei today, after having touched 26 year highs in earlier trade. The sell-off was not so much but felt more after spending the majority of the day in positive territory. The Yen moved stronger but that was later in the trading day after news of possible delays to 2019 […] read more

Roman Republican Hoard for Sale of Victoriati

Available at the WEC We have another hoard available of the early Roman coinage from the Second Punic War. These are the Greek denominations forming the first two-tier monetary system in the known world. Such hoards are rare today so the opportunities to obtain such specimens are becoming far and few between. Prior to the […] read more

Market Talk- October 25, 2017

As you probably expected, Asia opened firmer following the strong US performance. For the majority this remained the trend for the day but not for the Nikkei. Having seen 16 positive closes in a row, today was time for a rest. We saw some profit-taking and a reversal after the strong open, eventually drifting close […] read more

Saudi Arabia in Search of Cash

QUESTION: I read your blog about the Saudi’s potentially selling a large private equity position from China in Aramco rather than accessing the public markets. You have pointed out the need for the Saudi’s to modernize their economy to be less dependent on oil income and to monetize that resource for capital improvements/diversification, but how […] read more

Market Talk- October 24, 2017

  Having just seen an uncertain US session, Asia was a little confused which way to take markets from the opening bell. Still, it appears as though Shanghai and Hang Seng want to cancel each other out which a very much mixed session. The Nikkei had another strong day resulting in 16 days of consecutive […] read more

The Coming One-World Currency

QUESTION: Bitcoin + Cryptocurrencies Firstly, thank you – I’ve learned more from your blog and models that high-school would ever have hoped to teach me. And even after a year, I am a still at the start-line of knowledge. I am also been a follower and investor/gambler on crypto for over a year.   I […] read more

Joseph Napoleon Bonaparte & His Exile in New Jersey

QUESTION: Years ago, while visiting Salamanca, Spain, I was told that Napoleon’s brother abandoned his rule over Spain and made off with a large cache of gold. I know that he fled Spain to New Jersey. Is there any truth to this gold story? If so, what economic impact did he and the gold have in […] read more

Ice Core Samples Prove CO2 Levels Lag Behind Temperature Increases

QUESTION: Are you saying there is no direct correlation between CO2 and a rise in temperature? ANSWER: Correct. We have data going back 800,000 years that was gathered from drilling core samples from deep underneath the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica. Detailed information on air temperature and CO2 levels disproves that a rise in […] read more