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Market Talk- January 15, 2018

    Todays Asian session really looked like a game of two halves! Initially we saw core outperform for both the Shanghai and Hang Seng, but by afternoon trading and into the close prices had drifted into negative territory. The Yuan appreciation probably has much to do with the move, but also coming off of […] read more

Market Talk- January 11, 2018

Currency tended to have more of an effect today in Asian trading, well certainly for Japan anyway! The Yen played between low and higher end of 111, edging lower into the close of the session as earnings failed to match expectation. Late in the US trading day, the Yen was flirting with a 110 handle […] read more

Market Talk – December 22nd, 2017

Most core Asian indices finished in a positive note with KOPSI recovering some of yesterdays losses but also helped by a warmer rhetoric of language. The Hang Seng traded well following better Technology share performance, but these gains could arguably be reversed flowing BITCOIN price activity seen later in the trading day. Volumes were again […] read more

Market Talk- November 30, 2017

The tech sector took the label of responsibility overnight in Asia for the reason given for most declines. The Hang Seng suffered the most falling near 1.5% following Wednesday price action in the NASDAQ. Even Shanghai lost 0.6% which was a surprise given the promising PMI print (51.8% against a consensus of 51.4%). Energy and […] read more

Market Talk- November 29, 2017

Asia performed well overnight following on from a strong US session. The Nikkei opened strong and remained well bid into the close. The Yen fell towards the high 111’s a loss of around +0.3% on the day. The North Korean missile test with it apparently falling into Japanese waters, was quickly ignored even given the […] read more

Market Talk- November 14, 2017

All core markets finished lower in Asia today, with the possible exception of the Nikkei that closed almost unchanged. The Hang Seng closed small down but was Shanghai that lost -0.5% which after the data was actually not that bad! Today we saw Industrial Production, Retail Sales and Investment Spending and it was the talk […] read more

Market Talk – November 8th, 2017

Although Asia closed with pretty much a mixed session, it really does not explain the mood or sentiment. Yes, the Nikkei closed lower on the day (-0.1%) but after opening lower and a brief dip thereafter, for the balance of the day the market was bid and closed just below unchanged. Major stocks driving the […] read more

Market Talk- October 4th, 2017

Even in Asia the markets appear to be lacking in commitment, despite price increases day after day. The Nikkei gave-up the mornings gains, but still managed a small uptick for the close. For the third day in a row, the Yen rejects playing for long with a  113 handle, reflecting continued uncertainty. That was not the case for the Hang […] read more

Market Talk- September 21st, 2017

After the unchanged call from the Federal Reserve, within hours we hear the same from the Bank of Japan. Asian equity markets drifted broadly lower with profit-taking the main reason behind many of the moves. The Nikkei continues slightly under recent highs with another small gain (+0.2%) to add to recent advances and was helped […] read more

Market Talk- September 15th, 2017

North Korea spooked markets yet again by launching a missile that reported flew over Japan, which came a day after North Korea claimed it would sink Japan. The events were short-livid however and after a brief flight to safety in gold, treasuries and the Yen markets quickly corrected back. The JPY traded into the low […] read more