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Market Talk – June 6, 2019

ASIA / AUSTRALIA: President Xi of China met with President Putin in Moscow today. Xi mentioned he and Putin have a “deep personal friendship.” President Xi will stay for three days, focusing on trade and relations amongst the two countries. Reiterating his opinion, “In the past six years, we have met nearly 30 times. Russia […] read more

Market talk – June 5, 2019

ASIA / AUSTRALIA: China has extended their travel ban to the U.S., stating that there have been a lot of recent shootings, robberies, and thefts of late. This was on top of the recent warning that Chinese citizens are being harassed upon entry and exit by U.S. border control. In the Yellow Sea off the […] read more

Market Talk – June 4, 2019

ASIA / AUSTRALIA: The U.S. reacted to China’s claim that the “U.S. [is] applying too much pressure” to the deal by stating China is playing a “blame game” by misrepresenting the trade talks between the two countries. The U.S. Department of State head Mike Pompeo released a press statement attacking China over their handling of […] read more

Market Talk – June 3, 2019

ASIA / AUSTRALIA: There has been hardly any progress regarding the U.S.-Chinese trade deal. On Sunday, Chinese officials and trade negotiators warned the U.S. of using pressure to force a trade deal on China. “If the U.S. side wants to use extreme pressure, to escalate the trade friction, to force China to submit and make […] read more

Global Warming – Just Follow the Money

I just returned from New York City, the armpit of the world since I never saw an apple tree there yet, and I had a very interesting meeting behind the curtain. I thought I would share this subject which they agreed I could go public on without names of course. Besides the fact that there […] read more

Market Talk – May 31, 2019

ASIA / AUSTRALIA: Some positive news for US-Chinese relations as Tesla has started to take pre-orders on it cheaper Model 3 cars from its Gigafactory based in Shanghai. The construction of the factory only started at the beginning of January and is expected to open later this year. The former governor of the People’s Bank […] read more

Market Talk – May 30, 2019

ASIA / AUSTRALIA: China accused the U.S. of “economic terrorism.” The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the White House had “brought huge damage to the economy of other countries and the U.S. itself,” spokesperson Lu Kang told reporters in Beijing on Thursday. China has now reportedly stopped ordering soy from the U.S. over the trade […] read more

Market Talk – May 29, 2019

ASIA / AUSTRALIA: There seems to be no end to the US-China trade deal in sight. China is signaling that it could increase tariffs on rare earth materials, which are essential for components in the tech industry. The governments of the United States and Japan have agreed to further cooperation in space, which could include […] read more

Market Talk – May 28, 2019

ASIA / AUSTRALIA: After U.S. President Trump’s visit to Japan concluded, he stated he expects Japan’s military to reinforce the U.S. forces throughout Asia and elsewhere. Meanwhile, Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan is visiting Pakistan before he heads to Europe as both nations are trying to show up regional allies as tensions rise. The founder […] read more

 Julian Assange Indicted on 18 More Counts

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks was charged with conspiring to obtain national security secrets in what prosecutors have described as one of the largest compromises of classified information in U.S. history. They filed 18 new charges against Assange, which include allegations that he aided and abetted former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning’s efforts to leak classified […] read more