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The Fraud Behind Greta Thunberg

  Now that Klaus Schwab has put the Climate as part of his Agenda 2030, his inclusion of Greta Thunberg in the film that was supposed to celebrate his 50th Anniversary, The Forum, was the debut of his sinister plan for creating the Great Reset. For the climate urgency, he handed Greta center stage.   […] read more


Monetary History of Japan As legend has it, Japan was founded around 660BC by a direct descendent of the Sun Goddess. It is from this basic legend that Japan derives the name of “Land of the Rise Sun.” Japan has a long monetary history which dates back to when coins were first introduced from neighboring Korea […] read more

The 8.6-Year Frequency is Within Nature

QUESTION: You have noticed that the 8.6-year frequency even allowed you to see that volcanic eruptions would begin in 2018. Are there other examples from history where you have found this to also be true or was Hawaii just unique? PK ANSWER: Oh, there are plenty of examples. Let’s take one of the most famous volcanic […] read more

Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter – All Social Media is Being Manipulated by the Left

The media which everyone knows is now so biased and manipulated, has the audacity to claim that Trump’s new Executive Order threatens free speech. The problem is their view of “free” speech is to twist whatever they desire to fit their agenda. Here is CNN and how they manipulate statistics to put out fake stories. […] read more

Socialism Always Moves to Tyranny

  The economic message taught in most universities is very distorted. It universally teaches children to judge economic systems from the perspective of their victims. They will endlessly point out the impoverished people and the devastation of the climate as proof that capitalism is evil and that we need government to intervene. We have economist […] read more

Alexius I Comnenos (c. 1048; 1081 – 1118AD)

Monetary History of Byzantium   ALEXIUS I 1081-1118 Alexius I Comnenos (c. 1048; 1081 – 1118AD) was Byzantine emperor from 1081 to 1118 yet he inherited a collapsing empire. Byzantium faced constant warfare against Seljuq Turks in Asia Minor and the French in the western Balkans.  Alexius also faced the collapsed on the monetary system. […] read more

Why Government Cannot Create Inflation

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I have listened to the gold propaganda and believed in it initially but with time they always say the same thing and nothing happens. One would think that this helicopter money should have produced inflation. This effort has failed as Japan and Europe keep moving negative punishing people for not spending. Now […] read more

The Cultural Trends of Women in Politics during the Roman Empire

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I assume you would know the answer. Is it true that the women in ancient times were more like Hillary seeking power compared to modern times? JF ANSWER: Yes, I have heard this assertion before. It is only partially true. Unquestionably, the first woman of Eastern culture to act politically was […] read more

Lockdowns Intentionally Reducing Population & Crushing Economy

  Dr. David Nabarro has been vocal about the dangers of lockdowns as people have been dying of heart attacks, cancer, and other issues because they have been denied healthcare all because of COVID. On the other hand, he has been clearly under pressure to rephrase his warnings.     Nabarro has qualified his statements […] read more


Monetary History of China   The monetary history of China extends back in time at least 3,000 years. At first, money was sea shells, namely the cowry shell during the Shang Dynasty. Barter was always a dominant means of exchange in China that remained largely an agrarian society. Merchants and moneylenders were not well regarded […] read more