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2015 World Economic Conference will be End of October

  The BIG BANG World Economic Conference will be hold later October/Early November 2015 in Princeton, New Jersey. Seating will be limited. We are asking regular clients to sign up now for as the movie hits and the markets move and shake, there is always the mad rush at the end. We will not be […] read more

Australia Raids Home of Touted Founder of Bitcoin

The Guardian reported that Australia raided the home of Craig Wright only hours after it was shared that he may be one of the founders of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. Of course, authorities also claim such raids are not related. But they ALWAYS are. Australia is one of the countries aggressively hunting people for money. read more

Global Warming Scandal Heating Up

Some people are confusing NASA with NOAA. They are two different agencies. NASA is confirming that NOAA’s manipulation of data is a fraud. Now, Judicial Watch announced that it filed a lawsuit on December 2, 2015, in the Federal Court of the District of Columbia to seek records of communications from National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration […] read more

The Dollar

  A Special Report on “The Dollar” and the outlook for the world Monetary System is being prepared for the World Economic Conference for attendees. We will be sending copies of materials out starting next week to those attending. read more

Interview on Financial News Network

Interview on Financial News Network read more

QUESTION: If Gold is a hedge against the Governments, and the markets are never wrong, given that its in a downtrend since 2011, can question that the Governments (especially the West) have been doing the proper things this time frame / or following an evolution path?” ANSWER: It depends on what you call “proper”. Everything […] read more

Bad Bank

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, Your identification and differentiation of relationship vs transactional banking in understanding the corruption of the banking system is spot on imo. Did not the evolution of this change depend on the increasing government involvement, e.g., the recent RE bubble where banks made inflated/fraudulent loans and collected fees only to sell the […] read more

Venezuela Under Siege

The Venezuela government has sent in troops against its protesters. Just for the record, this time I do not know anyone in that camp that I am aware of. But the same thing goes. They need support of the police or military units that change sides. Achieve that, and then it becomes possible to turn […] read more

New Yorker Magazine – The Secret Cycle

The-New-Yorker-article (PDF) 10 Page Article on Martin Armstrong read more

Demand for Gold in China & India Collapses by 55%

The latest tracking of gold being consumed in China and India has revealed a declining demand. Mainland China’s demand for gold fell 18% in the first quarter of the year as investors bought fewer bars and coins, offsetting record demand for jewelry, according to the latest trend report from the World Gold Council based in London. The […] read more