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Will the Elite Wake Up in Time & Confront The Left Climate Fear Campaigns?

I have had some interesting conversations of late with people I would say are among the power-brokers who tend to pour money into the pockets of politicians to get a favored status. There is a rising concern that perhaps in Europe they have assumed this was just fear politics about climate and they have ignored […] read more

How Was the Elite so Wrong with Trump?

The primary issue that the elite has utterly failed to understand is that there was a sense of hope when Obama was elected president. People believed that as the first black president, he could really change everything. What everyone discovered was that Obama was a career politician. It does not matter what the race, creed, […] read more

Why the CNN Fake News & Others are a Major Threat to Democracy

We think of false information as a domestic problem that Trump is in the battle with CNN and the term “fake news” is just political talk. It’s far more dangerous than that. The history books confirm that the Spanish American War was created by the press falsely reporting an attack that never took place. The […] read more

Hoarding Gold & Dollars in Europe

QUESTION: Marty, living in Europe where the talk about the elimination of cash is loud I am asking myself what is planned for foreign currencies, e.g. USD, one holds in cash at home? They can´t forbid it because foreign exchange is needed for traveling. Even when they forbid it, there must be the possibility to […] read more

China v US Trade War

China understands the difference between the German mercantilist model of manufacturing and sells to everyone else and the United States which became the largest economy in the world because it allowed its domestic consumer economy to develop. China will become the largest economy in the world and take the crown from the United States because […] read more

There are more $100 Bills in Circulation than $1 Bills

There are now officially more $100 bills in circulation than $1 bills. The interesting aspect is that when we dig deeper, what is revealed is the fact that the bulk of them are being hoarded outside the United States. This is very interesting for we see the same basic trend emerging from the dollar v […] read more

Cities are Harassing Homeowners with Excessive Fines

I have been warning about the hunt for taxes. You must realize that the worst is unfolding at the state and municipal levels of local governments because they cannot create money as is the case at the federal levels. Therefore, they pass draconian laws and enforce insane things just to raise money. In New Jersey, […] read more

Hillary & the Conspiracy of Relentless Suicides

The real test will be if Ghislaine Maxwell ends up mysteriously dead now that she has been at least seen in Los Angeles. Then the talk that Jeffrey Epstein spent hours alone with a mysterious pretty woman in lockup according to another attorney who withheld his name, demonstrates how over the top things can get. […] read more

World of Central Banks

QUESTION: Hello, you said central bankers attend your conference and it means they know what’s coming. I guess they talk to governments and I wonder if governments will tell people what’s coming or they will pretend everything is fine until everyone ‘lose shirt’? MM ANSWER: No. Just about every intelligence agency also tunes in. That […] read more

Jeffrey Epstein is Dead – Of Course on Schedule

It did not take long – Epstein is dead as expected. No way would he be allowed to go to trial. He was denied bail after offering to pay for 24-hour guards and wearing a GPS bracelet. He was denied bail in order to ensure he would never go to trial. He was held in […] read more