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Al Gore Was Also Behind the Panic in 2000 – Y2K Was Going to Shut Down the World

QUESTION: Marty, is it true that Al Gore was behind the Y2K scare back in 2000 that all the computers would crash and nothing happened? JC ANSWER: Yes. It was Al Gore back then who was behind the hype that the world was going to crash because the computers would all fail when the date […] read more

Is the Fed Monetizing Debt with the Repo Market? Or is this the Mother of All Financial Crises?

QUESTION: There are people claiming that Fed cannot buy directly from the Treasury and they are buying the same day issue in this Repo Crisis so that means they are monetizing the debt because foreigners are fleeing us Debt. This seems to lack any real substance and is nothing but opinion once again. Would you […] read more

Gold & the Future

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; First I want to thank you for your conference. It was my first time and I was impressed when your daughter asked how many people attended prior sessions. The number of people standing beyond 10 years was impressive. I spoke with one who had been at your 1987 WEC. He said you […] read more

Trying to Overthrow the Dollar

QUESTION: Marty, you said at the conference the efforts to overthrow the dollar as the reserve currency have failed and it will take the Monetary Crisis Cycle to accomplish that. Now that Lagarde is in the ECB, will she aid that overthrow to be replaced by the IMF’s SDR? It was a fantastic conference this […] read more

Repo Crisis

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I want to thank you and your staff for a great conference. It was the best ever. Your detailed review of the Repo Crisis demonstrates why mainstream media tries so hard to ignore you while there were more institutions there than at any conference I have ever attended. When the Fed announced […] read more

Bail-In v Bailout of Banks in USA

QUESTION: Might you clarify this response you gave on one of your very recent blogs. You said bail-in may NOT be permitted on US soil. Did you mean that despite the laws written in the USA to allow it, you don’t think it is likely to happen to USA citizens banking in the USA? OR […] read more

The Ability to Filter Which Stocks to Invest In

  QUESTION: Thank you for all your work. I was fortunate to be introduced to you in 1986 by a senior broker while I was working at Drexel, Burnham . Your work saved me, my clients from the ’87 crash. My question: with Socrates forecast of a shift to China as the new financial power, […] read more

Central Banks Trapped by Their Theories

QUESTION: Hi Martin, I can understand how JP and EU backed themselves into a corner with negative rates. Happy to give them the benefit of the doubt when this all started 3-4 years ago even though it was obvious this was not going to end well. However, what I don’t understand is the thought process […] read more

Hong Kong Protests Erupt over Anti-Mask Law

We are getting reports from clients in Hong Kong telling us that there is absolute chaos raging in the streets. People lining up at ATM machines pulling out cash. A 16yr old they are reporting was shot by police and a policeman was set on fire. The MTR has been closed, and they are saying […] read more

The Rumor of a Currency Reset & Gold

QUESTION: Hi Marty! Thanks for all your great work, I’ve been following you for many years and you are a true inspiration. I have some questions about the precious metals market. There has been some talk about a “monetary reset” in the future, how do you see it play out and what role do you […] read more